‘South Park’ is right about why ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’ free-to-play games stink

South Park took down “freemium” gaming in its most recent episode.

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Gbits1535d ago

I love how spot-on the description of Freemium games is in that episode.

SmielmaN1535d ago

It was hilarious! I actually play the Simpsons game everyday, but haven't spent one dime on it. And I've been playing for over 2 hrs lol

But ya, south park is really doing well this season. I've been watching since the first episode shocked me while doing homework as a kid haha. Great series. I wish they would make another movie.

princejb1341535d ago

I play clash of clans and Simpsons tapped out. However u haven't payed a dime as of yet and not planning to.
My friend has spend at least $400 dollars on upgrading his buildings in clash of clans

Theparanerds1535d ago

i've been playing Tapped Out for two years and haven't spent a dime :).

SolidGear31535d ago

I've been playing Tapped Out since February and probably spent between $75-$100 on stuff. Haven't spent anything on it a couple months though.