Hey…The Sega Master System Looked Like A Star Wars Computer Panel

The Sega Master System has found new purpose in Alcoholic Luigi's life: wall ornamentation.

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ghettosmurf1539d ago

Considering the fact the Master System was redesigned specifically to suit Western fashions of the time, I would not be surprised at all to learn it was heavily influenced by the movie, even if not directly by these scenes.

hduce1539d ago

I still have mine and it's still fully functional. This is one of my go to gaming systems for retro gaming along with the Nes, Genesis, Snes, and Neo Geo.

LordMaim1539d ago

I still play my copy of Phantasy Star, even though I had to do some surgery a few years back to replace the battery backup.

hduce1539d ago

I'm jealous. My copy of Phantasy Star won't work at all. I tried cleaning the cartridge contacts and it still doesn't work. Maybe I will find something on Ebay.

Agent20091539d ago

The Force wasn't Awake back then yet.

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