Sunset Overdrive price dropped in new post-launch deal

A new post-launch deal has dropped the price of Sunset Overdrive to $50.

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Foehammer1537d ago

Awesome game

Fantastic scores

Great deal

Win, win

danny8181537d ago

that's its on sale for $50?
looks like a deal for a critically acclaimed new ip for X1

KarmaV121537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Maybe it is on sale because it already met their expectations. Now they would like to reward fans.
Edit: Just kidding I thought this was referring to the Xbox Store

mhunterjr1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

A single online retailer (that operates via eBay) discounts a game, and you see it as some sort of bad omen?

Strange ...

gangsta_red1537d ago

Maybe Ant Online should have raised the price!?

Then it would be a great sign right?

famoussasjohn1537d ago

That's a great sign for people who want it for a great deal. Wish I could price match it to best buy so I can get it for $50 plus the 20% off Gamers unlocked program.

Kingdomcome2471537d ago

I talked with Best Buy about that program. Does it truly end up being worth that large up front cost in the long term?

famoussasjohn1534d ago

Kingdomcome247 - For me, yeah. I buy games all throughout the year. I only paid $30 for my subscription, have made more in savings already. Plus you get 10% additional trade in value and 10% off pre-owned games also. 50% off guides as well.

No_Limit1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )


"Not a good sign"

Yup, the sign on the SSOD poster at the store that states 'Only on Xbox One' is definitely not a sign for many folks here.

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towelie12881537d ago

Loving this game
A sure HIT!!

Great Reviews!!

ctmaudi1537d ago

A sale from one store is not a price drop...

tgunzz1537d ago

Sweet! This game is absolutely insane!!!! There should be no xb1 without it! Game on.

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