Destiny Sales Top 7 Million Units Worldwide

VGChartz Writes: "Bungie's first title since leaving Microsoft, Destiny, has been a huge success since it hit store shelves in September. The game sold more than $325 million worth of units in its first five days and topped five million units sold in just two weeks. Destiny has said a record for the biggest opening for a new IP.

Destiny has hit a new milestone selling more than seven million units combined across all platforms in just seven weeks. In total the game has sold 7.14 million units. The PlayStation 4 is the top platform with 3.48 million units sold, followed by the Xbox One with 1.90 million units sold."

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1536d ago

That's alot of sales for a game that's supposed to suck.

xHeavYx1536d ago

Well, the reason why there are a so many haters and not many defenders is that the defenders are too busy playing the game and having fun

Masterchief_thegoat1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Other sites ban vgc for a reason..

darthv721536d ago

That's an impressive number for a breakout IP. just for comparison, Bungie's biggest Halo game has topped 11+ million on one platform.

There is still room for this game to grow, provided they keep things fresh with frequent DLC.

NewMonday1536d ago

st week Bungie announced Destiny has 9.5 million players, so VGC off by millions

don't know why they are not banned yet.

No_Limit1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )


You do know one copy of the game on a single system, multiple people can create accounts for it right? I have two additional accounts created on my PS4 from two of my friends just to test out the game.

Heck, what about those accounts from people rented the game from Redbox or Gamefly for a few days and never play it again. The 9.5 millions users don't tell the whole story, especially for a game that requires a registered online account to play.

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AngelicIceDiamond1536d ago

Its doesn't suck. Just lacks and it lacks allot.

Ausbo1536d ago

yeah I mean the combat is great. the multiplayer too. But where is the story at??? In dlc?

WickedLester1536d ago

Agreed. I could sit here and complain all day long about what Destiny doesn't do. But what it DOES do is so good, I keep coming back to it.

JeffGUNZ1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

@ Angel

I typically don't, but I have to respectfully disagree with that comment. The only thing Destiny REALL lacks is a story. I was dissappointed that Bungie did not set this story like Mass Effect would have. I don't know if that is their intention and to have the story develop over expansions or throughout the series, but regardless, the story left me "eh".

Now, outside of the story, I don't see what it lacks? The MP is fun, sure it can be frustrating, but it's still enjoyable and on par with many FPS out there. More maps for game modes like Crucible and what not would be an improvement, but I still think it holds its own. The PVE is fantastic. Everyday you have Daily Heroic Missions. Every Tuesday you have a reset for the Raid on normal and hard. Reset on Nightfall and Heroic Strike. Strike Playlists, Daily Vanguard Bounties, Daily Crucible Bounties, Public Events, Xur on Friday, Bount Missions in the world (flashing green lights), and free roam. Look how many hours people are putting in for this. I look at it this way; I buy games like Watchdogs or Assassins Creed and I am done with them in about 20-30 hours tops. This game I have close to 4 days, how many other $60 games are we doing this with?

Lastly, I feel this game is designed to attack it this way, or at least this is just MY opinion.

Tuesday: Raid/Nightfall/Heroic Strike reset. Do the raid Tuesday, whether it is normal and/or hard.

Wednesday/Thursday daily mission/bounties/nightfall/her oic.

Friday: Xur, if you want, buy something.

Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon: Upgrade all the stuff you got this week and farm.

Works great and is a blast. I think the game is more than worth the price tag and does actually have a lot of content for a $60 price tag launch game.

No_Limit1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Well, Wiifit sold a ton and was even considered a system seller but it suck. Same with a Justin Beaver album or a Michael Bay movie. How much sonething sells doesn't neccessary make it good. For me, I craglisted mine after only 4 days and I rarely ever trade in games. The embargo and the usual top pedigree of Bungie got me as I haven't been so wrong since the NY Giants beat the Patriots in the Superbowl.

smokedrugs1536d ago

speaking for myself, I've never lost sleep wondering what you do with your video games.

what is the real purpose to your above response?

TM3331536d ago

Dude... and I'm a major Patriots fan that works with a major Giants fan. The 2nd time around was rough LOL.

DanteVFenris6661536d ago

Marketing? No really that's the only reason why. It a good game but those sales are from that

smokedrugs1536d ago

here's an interesting fact.
if I am nit playing destiny, I am playing with myself.

ctmaudi1536d ago


They said that's how many people get on and play for 3 hours or more every day.

VGCharts is terrible, and always way off.

Trekster_Gamer1536d ago

People bought into the hype!

Game sucked in so many way!

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LOL_WUT1536d ago

Wow great numbers congrats to Bungie and Activision! ;)

Godz Kastro1536d ago

I have put over a hundred hours into this game with my friends. Its all about perspective. If you play this alone and never took part in the strike then id ted to agree with those who didn't enjoy it. However, if you did the opposite you probably loved it like myself.

I do agree that its lacking content. I kind of dont like the fact that so many people played the heck out of the little content they had giving activision the impression that we are ok with a little bit of game and a lot of grind; which im not.

Scary times if other devs follow suit. Got my eye on you Division.

Nicolee1536d ago

Its a good game i actually played Destiny for over 100hrs also but i have not touch the game for about 2 weeks after reach lv30 (i had a good time with friends but i don't feel like to grind anymore ) . for the Division , Ubisoft says that it will be unlimited gameplay which it worry me that it will be the same as Destiny .

BlackTar1871536d ago

I still enjoy the game but i'm not blind to it's faults.

What i find funny is depending on waht game comes out it's either story doesn't matter or it's a huge issue when talkign about MP heavy games. Fickle people are fickle

cell9891536d ago

unlimited gameplay usually translates to grindfest, hopefully thats not the case.

I dont know what it is that keeps bringing me back to destiny, I still cant get enough of it, eventhough Ive done the strikes over and over, its just fun when youre playing with friends. The crucible is actually fun too, its well balanced and the bounties add some deped to it, gives you a reason to shoot at others

mediate-this1536d ago

I'm your boat. Got to.level 29 and I farming for materials seems like a job, I play crucible and it's super fun.

Great pvp, pve definitely could have been better.

wedgezz1536d ago

Destiny is a good game but did not even get near Halo

mcstorm1536d ago

Halo is just one of them games that stands out on its own like Mario Kart.

I don't think Destiny was every designed to beat Halo it was just the devs doing something different.

I want to see more new ip's this gen but I also want to see less of our game is a (put in any game name) as for me that's been the biggest issues with games like Driveclub, BF4 etc. Just cerate the best game you can and let the game speak for its self.

I have yet to play destiny but it is on my list of games to pickup I just hope AV not try and milk it now its done well in its 1st outing.

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