Destiny: Just One Player in the World has the Fate of All Fools Exotic Scout Rifle

Gameranx: "It seems it won't be available to the rest of us until a future DLC."

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Death1535d ago

Very cool of Bungie to do.

joab7771535d ago

That is very cool. But my doc told me the same thing. Go home, rest and play Destiny.

Seraphim1535d ago

I'm trying to get my Dr to tell me that. Unfortunately when I told him work is becoming more painful and intolerable all he did was ask if I was going to quit my job LOL

DarthZoolu1534d ago

Did the doctor say which console he should play on?

user55757081534d ago

poor kid. all this advertisement is sure to get his account hacked now. good job N4G

lipton1011535d ago ShowReplies(8)
Halo2ODST21534d ago

This just proves the DLC is locked away on disk, & should be available for those who bought the game

FamilyGuy1529d ago

Turns out the Vision of Confluence IS attainable already as an extremely rare, random reward in The Crucible.

jahfen831534d ago

That gun looks just like the Stranger's rifle *disappointed

ChronoJoe1534d ago

Shame the gun itself appears quite awful.

ChronoJoe1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Really? A new troll account and you're already losing bubbles within 3 posts? Why bother?

Also the gun is awful because it's a 7 shot scout rifle, it has high impact but not as high as revolers, and its
idiosyncrasy only really benefits those that aren't very accurate.

I like Destiny a lot, and scout rifles are my go-to, but that doesn't mean it's easy to a use for this one.

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Themba761535d ago

not really I know another guy who has it showed it to me and everything. it's not really that good either.

KwietStorm1535d ago

Are you certain it's this gun? If it came straight from Bungie, how could someone else have it?

Themba761535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

they actually had it available the first week the game was out then they took the gun out the game. he got lucky the first week.

martinezjesus19931535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Its a dlc weapon, so unless he has the dlc a month before everyone else or works with Bungie I HIGHLY doubt youre saying the truth right now

BlackWolf121535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

WRONG. Don't believe everything you read on the internets kid. The guy said "it looks like" but it isn't. It is only obtainable from the Trials of Osiris, a special Crucible event that Bungie have not shown us as of yet. Not DLC. It's a similar event as Iron Banner essentially.

But thanks for playing.

BX811535d ago

You know you suck when you can't even be a dick correctly.

Themba761535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

no I didn't beleive him either till he showed it to me. he got lucky the first week the game came out it was available as a bounty then they took the gun out the game for some strange reason.

Palitera1535d ago

It is not good at all!
Seriously, scout rifle with a 7 ammo magazine?

Unless it has perfect and new hidden upgrades, I call it ascendant energy.

CorndogBurglar1535d ago

Its a primary with solar damage though. I dont care if it only holds 7 rounds, that solar damage on a primary would really help with Nightfall Strikes.

lipton1011535d ago

Vision of confluence also has solar damage with full auto and a 27 round mag. I bet it has an auto reload upon kill type perk attached like bad juju, a pulse rifle with only 15 in mag

FamilyGuy1535d ago

@ Corndog

There's already a primary weapon in the game currently that is better than this one that also has Solar damage. It's called the Vex Mythocast and a lot of people have it. I actually have two of them.

It's a fusion rifle (in the primary weapon slot) that fires like an auto rifle.

n4rc1535d ago

Yup.. Love my vex..

Something like 60 round clips of full auto solar goodness lol.. Wizards don't stand a chance

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FamilyGuy1535d ago

Your friend happen to have a hacked PS3 or 360?
That's the only other way I could see someone getting one.

Nitrowolf21534d ago

I find that hard to believe, considering that the Bounty requires you to purchase coins and compete in an event that hasn't gone live yet

Unless he's playing on PS3, or xbox 360, as stated above, the only way to get it atm is through hacking I believe

starrman19851534d ago

It's awarded from an exotic bounty that is currently not in game... so I'm fairly sure you're either lying, or he is.

Either way, it's a nice gesture from Bungie! (does also kind of prove that content is hidden away from our greedy grasps!)

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DarkLord10031535d ago

Geez - I'm already over Destiny. The game was a big let down

princejb1341535d ago

Sold mines to. I liked the game a little but the constant playing the same missions over and over for loot was annoying

MysticStrummer1535d ago

Geez - Not everyone thinks like you.

PlayableGamez1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Destiny was a terrible game.

-Awful and short Campaign
-Awful story(you have to rely on sources outside of the game to understand what Destiny is about)
-Grinding is ridiculous and gets old fast
-On disk DLC
-Broken loot system (have to rely on caves and basements to farm for good loot)
-Broken random-generated reward system(the worst player on a team could have a better reward than the best player)
-No trading
-Forgettable characters
-Repetitive missions
-Poor mission design the missions almost reminds me of Gears Of War: Judgment missions
-No in game chat
-Unbalance and casual friendly multiplayer
-Unbalance classes
-Unnecessary online requirement
-One hit kill weapons
-Pointless ships that are loading screens
-Complicated leveling system

I don't know how people up to this point still enjoy this game. After everything I just listed, that would sum up the worst game to ever come from Bungie. I enjoy other games that I thought were mediocre more than Destiny this year. I just hope Destiny 2 or whatever that is, to be a better game.

MysticStrummer1534d ago

Not everyone thinks like you either. Get over it.

Halo2ODST21534d ago

I think the agree/disagree ratio disagrees with you

MysticStrummer1534d ago

@Halo - Then your logic is highly flawed. "Everyone" would encompass all those who have played Destiny, not just those on N4G and certainly not just those who happened to read my comment and hit agree or disagree.

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rebeljoe141535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

wait a minute I have that gun in my storage vault thing....I think

Ethereal1535d ago

Very cool. This gun can only be obtained by participating in the Trials of Osiris. They have yet to hold this event. He should be the only one that has it.

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