Destiny – How to Beat This Week’s Nightfall Event With Ease (Nov 4th)

Another week in Destiny means a brand new Nightfall Strike to indulge in and LzyGmrs have the guide to get you through the bullet absorbing Valus Ta'aurc.

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Griever1535d ago

Just cleared it by sheer dumb luck by joining a fireteam at the last moment. lol! Got an exotic scout rifle while the guy who did all the work got a legendary. :-/ The reward system really needs to be fixed. He must be cursing his luck and maybe cursing me too for my luck.

Spurg1535d ago

I got an exotic rocket launcher(Gjallarhorn) and the week before i got universal remote...the thing is I already got them its kind of annoying when that happens

BattleTorn1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

There are videos of this strategy. I will be attempting it sometime this weekend, likely tonight or Sunday.

ceballos77mx1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I got 10 coins not bad bur xur bought stuff I dont need, helped a friend with the weekly and he got a Montecarlo.

He can still kill you on that spot if not careful and those phalanx can one shot you with melee so you still have to be careful.