Twitter Reacts... Ubisoft abandons Steam - "How to invite piracy"

Dealspwn: "Maybe Ubisoft just wants to follow in EA's footsteps and consolidate their own online platform.

Needless to say, the internet was not happy."

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Blues Cowboy1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I've got a reaction right here.

Are you high, Ubisoft?

£50 for a digital download. A standard edition digital download (oh call it the limited edition if you want, but it isn't a limited edition, it's just pre-order DLC).


If Uplay isn't absolutely positively 100% perfect at launch, day one, minute one, for Far Cry 4 and The Crew, then Ubisoft will be a laughing stock. I don't pirate games, but Ubi deserves it if Uplay screws paying customers who fork over £50 for the privilege.

FuzzyPixels1538d ago

I love that halfway through assembling this article, Uplay crashed.

Uplay is a joke. But a very bad one. Told by someone who keeps punching you.

WildArmed1538d ago

Worst type of DRM. Heck, I would rather have Origin, and that's saying something.

radler1537d ago

Oh no, I won't get to buy the hundredth Assassins Creed game this year. Boo hoo. Woe is me.

Uplay crashes every time they launch a game as well, and frequently deletes peoples games saves and even randomly locks them out of their own accounts. It's hands-down the worst online service around.

Athonline1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

When I bought Far Cry 3 on Steam, I thought I was getting the "Steam" version and uPlay was optional, like Games for Windows, if I wanted to access online stuff or like in AC2, to unlock wallpapers or whatever. I was so wrong... If I knew that it was mandatory, I wouldn't bother.

uPlay is simply a DRM system and now Ubisoft decided they don't need Steam, thus why pay Valve royalties? And no I don't hate uPlay because it crashes or takes background resources or anything. I hate because because Ubisoft charges higher than the industry average prices on uPlay, it is because I am forced to create another account to play a game I bought with another account and so on. It is the principle. Ubisoft in a way "sneak" uPlay, by forcing people using it whatever they were using Steam or Origin, to get people signed up and slowly added a marketplace, etc. Even EA had the tendency of cutting ties with Steam directly and with a press conference, without removing games from Steam (expect upcoming ones) or forcing people to sign up for Origin for their existing games to work.

For me Ubisoft is definetely the worst publisher. Not because of the games, as I quite fancy few of them, but their business model/ style.

DLCs everywhere, pre-order bonuses, a zillion of different versions, season passes that you need to actually play the online part of the game. Eeeeven if you justify all these I doubt someone can justifying when they are crippling their games on PC -as Watch_Dogs proved, crippling their games on PC even more for AMD users -heck I got nVidia on my laptops and desktop, but I feel you AMD guys, I know that FC3 underperforms with AMD hardware.

Wasn't Ubisoft that pretty much said that piracy in PC make it unattractive to them as a platform? Well congrats Ubisoft, the feelings are mutual as you made yourself unattracted to PC gamers.

donthate1537d ago

Why only block sale on the UK Steam?

Takwin1537d ago

I will never EVER EVER EVER get back together again with uPlay.

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dasbeer881538d ago

So no The Division on Steam? :(

1537d ago
radler1537d ago

Why would you be excited for The Division after how Watch_Dogs turned out, let alone eveyr other crappy game that Ubisoft has crapped out this past few years? It would take a miracle for that game to be good, let alone live up to the hype.

1538d ago
madmonkey011537d ago

i deleted farcry 3 in the end because uplay was an irritation. now it will be worse, i avoid EA origin too.

Debaitable1537d ago

Can you explain what problems you had? Because I beat the game like 3 weeks ago and I had never had a single issue with UPlay. I open the game on Steam, I get logged into UPlay automatically, I play & when I'm done I close UPlay.

Am I missing a step?

slasaru011537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

FC3 was the first game i started to play on pc again. I saw no problems at all! It was a little irritating to come to laptop and click mouse some times because i had a gamepad connected and expected a seamless big screen experience. But on the other hand, UPLAY gave me soundtrack and wallpapers for download as sort of achievements.

So i see no issues.

madmonkey011537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

for me, for what ever the reason uplay would either crash randomly, or, it would bring it self up on top, minimizing the game for no reason, its in the nature of things not work 100% all the time for everyone, but for me it quickly got irritating.

also i just font like to have things running unnecessarily on my pc in the background no matter how small, and with it being through steam, that should have been enough.

Patrick_pk441537d ago

I purchase video games from good developers and Ubisoft isn't one. I will continue to pirate their games.

sourav931537d ago

Who needs Uplay when you have PirateBay :D XD

sourav931537d ago

For anyone who didn't see my above comment as a joke, I'll's a joke. I do not condone piracy in any's just the way Ubisoft has been acting these days...they're just begging for it.

SuperBlur1537d ago

19 agrees , 0 disagrees . That should say a lot about what direction they should take

but yea forget it , uplay isnt goign anywhere , they've invested millions and millions into that crappy service , they aren't letting go of it.

TonyPT1537d ago

It's funny, just found this piece of news and decided to open my dusty ubisoft client. And as of now, it already updated itself 10+ times and still going for it.

Yeah, I agree with what most people are saying here that their client software is not the best at all.

I was actually interested in unity for co op with my brother and wife, but I'm just not sure anymore. I'm not very patient nowadays with buggy software, as they already had enough time to improve their service.

I'm a programmer as well, so it's easy for me to say that they are just being lazy (or incompetent) when dealing with improving uplay.

Edit: Damm it, still trying to update itself. Had to close it down and probably will need to reinstall this bloody thing.

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Robochobo1538d ago

Yeah Ubisoft really crapped the bed with that decision. People who didn't want to buy games off of Uplay certainly aren't going to do it just because you restrict them to it. They'll just pirate the game and in the end nothing of value was lost to them.

Eamon1538d ago

Ubisoft is really starting to piss off legitimate customers now.

This will increase pirating and not increase sales. Any idiot can understand this.

WildArmed1538d ago

They think they people that are buying games on Steam will come to UPlay and use it as a client. Increasing their profit margin (by cutting out steam). What they do not know is most people that buy their games on Steam do it because of Steam and it's great sales.

Everyone hates Uplay on PC. I loved it when Uplay was just a rewards programs, get your "points" and redeem them for random rewards.

It's fallen soo far from the tree now, wouldn't even want to touch it.

Infact, I cracked all my Uplay games I own on steam. It's not worth the hassle of having to restart my games every now and then because Uplay decides to screw up.

I couldn't even play AC:R for the longest time after launch date coz of the Uplay DRM.

radler1537d ago

I've actually known a couple of people who had to pirate Ubisoft games that they bought because Uplay was completely broken for them. The only way they could actually play the games they paid for was to download pirated copies with the Uplay DRM stripped out, which is both hilarious and depressing.

Meltic1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

''good for the pirates'' DRM can a hacker or a pirate Always hack/ och crack sooner or later. Splinter cell chaos took 1 year too crack...

Roccetarius1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Ubisoft must be high on something lately, because of all the terrible decisions they're taking(worse than before). No matter how much they push it, Uplay isn't going to magically turn into something amazing.

Either way, i won't be missing their games on Steam. Their value has dropped significantly over the years. Truth be told, the last one i played was Assassin's Creed 2, which is before it turned into the annual IP today.

SuperBlur1537d ago

These companies are making big mistakes , Ubisoft , EA etc.. they all lost a bunch of fans on pc by enforcing their platforms. I know a few BF:BC2 clan who have just moved on and quit buying anything Battlefield related.

I have never been able to complete Splinter Cell Conviction by legal means , the game would constantly kick me back to desktop randomly , i had to crack it

fuck em all

Athonline1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

To be fair with EA, they didn't force their own platform if you already owned a game in any other platform, unlike uPlay which is a must for games bought on Steam and Origin.

Even if I love Steam, in a way Valve forced people to use Steam if they wanted to play their games same way that EA is doing for the games.

Ubisoft in a way "sneaked" uPlay into our lives, first as an optional platform to unlock game related bonuses, then as DRM and now as their own commercial solution.

Another "plus" for both Steam and Origin is their sales/free games. uPlay on the other hand is simply more expensive when it shouldn't -as Ubisoft doesn't pay any royalties, but get 100% of the income; £50 for a PC game?! Especially when you can get it from grey market for ~£20 or <£30 from retailers?

At the end I love GoG: DRM-free, offline play, etc :3

At the end, maybe it is just me, but over the last year EA > Ubisoft -not that EA is a Saint, but at least they learned a little bit from past (gigantic) mistakes.

PS: I also know people who want to play Titanfall and Mass Effect, but don't want to create another account -they prefer having a single centralised library- for another platform (Origin).

ScorpiusX1538d ago

Steams easy street couldn't last for ever.
Let's see what you got Ubisoft, I wait for you're store or sub based business.

MoveTheGlow1538d ago

You don't have to wait for their store, it's already up. It's called uPlay, and it does its best to make sure "u" don't "Play" their games, what with its lapses in service, crashing, etc.

deviliscry1537d ago

and anyway if i buy a ubi game i need to install uplay .... so what its the too much pc tears