Assassin's Creed: Unity Preview - Get Your Back Stab On in the Gritty Streets of 1789 Paris | COG

Assassin's Creed moves on to its 8th installment in the series and still manages to remain fresh. Despite some negative attention after E3 this year most gamers are still incredibly excited to take on Arno's adventure during the French Revolution. Are you one of them?

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thekhurg1536d ago

Come get your parity on!

Digital_Anomaly1536d ago

Still going on about that? Have you not heard the Giant Bombcast where an anonymous Ubi dev addressed that?

“I’m happy to enlighten you guys because way too much bullshit about 1080p making a difference is being thrown around. If the game is as pretty and fun as ours will be, who cares? Getting this game to 900p was a BITCH. The game is so huge in terms of rendering that it took months to get it to 720p at 30fps.

The game was 9fps 9 months ago. We only achieved 900p at 30fps weeks ago. The PS4 couldn’t handle 1080p 30fps for our game, whatever people, or Sony and Microsoft say”

Time to whine about something else methinks!

thekhurg1536d ago

Damage control comments to deflect the truth about parity.

Digital_Anomaly1536d ago

From a completely anonymous dev? Seriously, quit your bitching. Damn babies can't just play a game without having their bottle first I suppose.

skulz71536d ago

Thank you. People whining aren't even taking into consideration the work that has gone into this game. I mean what game has even attempted to give 1/4 of buildings accessible interiors without loading. On top of that is a 1:1 scale historical city and thousands of AI on screen at once, and then managing to revamp all the core pillars which makes AC so unique.

hello121536d ago

Have you guys not learned anything from Call of Duty? The Call of duty game on PS4 drops frames at 1080p, the lowest recorded was 42.

How could be any better for ACU if there, is more AI characters? Do you guys actually think before saying parity?

WolfOfDarknesss1533d ago

I bought the game " Assassins Greed Unity PS4 " Yesterday , it's was an early released in our region , I can tell you this.. game looked amazing and I think it's the best assassins creed so far BUT only there is one Problem ... the frame rate is so Terrible , believe me the frame rate drops under 25 per sec some times , only the cinematic cuts was stabile at 30 per a sec , it's the worst Assassins Creed in frame rate, I can't understand why ?! Graphically , gameplay and story is outstanding beautiful. shame on Ubisoft really , the game should be 30 FPS stabile all the time or 60 FPS because it's on PS4 . it feels that this game is rushed to the market .