12 months on: why I still won’t invest in the “next-gen”

With the one-year anniversary of the 'next-generation' nearly upon us, Daniel discusses why he still hasn't taken the plunge.

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thekhurg1539d ago

Sucks to be that guy. I invested day one of PS4 launch and have enjoyed every minute of console gaming since.

Lord_Sloth1539d ago

Many people who complain about having no money do so from their brand new iPhone which can cost more than any of the current consoles.

Not saiyan that's the case here, just saiyan that if some people would get a cheaper yet still great phone then getting a console is easy.

decrypt1539d ago

No games, why invest?

Just get a GPU for my PC instead.

johndoe112111539d ago


So, how does destiny, infamous second son and sunset overdrive play on your brand new gpu?

AngelicIceDiamond1539d ago

If he won't invest now he sure as hell would wanna find pennies between the couches and invest in one next year.

Next gen OFFICIALLY imo starts in 2015.

decrypt1539d ago


Dont really care for the handful of games you mention. When i can run 4000 odd games on Steam and a couple thousand more that are not on steam. Not to mention ability to emulate most consoles ever released lol.

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Nekroo911539d ago

I did the same thing, some games started to look really bad like battlefied and 24 player count is ridiculous.

But im still waiting for a good rpg this gen.

--Onilink--1539d ago

same here, Day 1 WiiU, Day 1 PS4 and yesterday I got my Xbox One Unity Bundle + FH2, have my gaming PC updated, happy with my 3DS (planning to get the new one)... overall, good days to be a gamer.

I get not everyone can afford every console, I certainly couldnt when I was younger, but that doesnt mean you cant appreciate what every company brings to the table

Kingdomcome2471539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I agree with you so much. It bothers me when people act is if everyone should just buy them all, not considering that it's not financially feasible for some. As you've stated, though if you have the disposable income, and love games, there's great times to be had on every platform. I don't currently have a WiiU, but I want one. I plan to pick one up in December.

avengers19781539d ago

My problem Isn't money, it's time, I just don't have the time to play all the games I want to play. With work and family, I just don't have the hours I used to to play games.

Kingdomcome2471539d ago

@avengers- Yeah, it seems as though as time goes by, money constraints are replaced by time constraints lol.

joab7771539d ago

I would say that of he is an Xbox guy, he did the right thing. B/c it's cheaper now and has a whole host of added features.

But as someone who owns a ps4, I've gotten plenty of satisfaction out of my PS4. #1 friends.

If I had waited, I would have missed an entire yr playing games with my friends. If all of this guy's friends are still on old gen, then maybe it isn't worth it. But that's the bottom line for me.

The rest, Dragon Age, AC:Unity, Bloodborne, and The Witcher 3 icing on the cake.

kingduqc1539d ago

Enjoyed what games? Multiplats lol...

there is 0 games that are released that work investing in a ps4 or an xbone. Bloodborn and uncharted might add that up to 2. Not even a full hand in 2 years.

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uth111539d ago

PS4 is the first time I bought a console near launch, and it's exceeded my expectations, so to each his own.

WildArmed1539d ago

Kinda similar situation. I got mine as a gift in March.
It's performed much better than what I expected. Games play awesome and look awesome (infamous / AC4 being some of my fav.).

I'm really waiting for the RPGs to kick in, I am hearing really good things of Shadow of mordor and Lord of the Fallen, they are on my next to buy list.

Just waiting for a price drop, this gen has had a much better start than last gen. I remember in the PS3 launch window was so barren comparatively. There are so many good games launching this gen that I can't keep up!

rapidturtle1539d ago

Loving my Xbox one all year long.

Jyndal1539d ago

He could always do how I did.
Snub his nose at both Sony and MS, then go out and buy a Wii U.

I've been enjoying the hell out of it.

smokedrugs1539d ago

i've been thinking of picking up a wiiu recently.
currently owning on a ps3 and a ps4. and i have very little time for games.
(you'll have to understand i have even less time for a girlfriend, as they're both usually busy holding a dualshock)

any way. everything i read about a wiiu is mediocre and because of current pending legal problems and advise from a lawyer, i should stay away from young kids.

is the system pretty good though? it just seems like it's all cartoons.

what gives?

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The story is too old to be commented.