Grand Theft Auto Is Finally Perfect

CheatCC says - "With the addition of the new first-person mode, I’m going to go ahead and give Grand Theft Auto V the “Game of the Year” award right now!"

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JokerElite1531d ago

"Perfect" but yet still empty promises (heists).

lipton1011531d ago

Another proud member of the "Entitled N4G Gamer Club." Your comment is akin to saying "I hate Verizon" which Louis CK would say "climb a tree with a few hubcaps and see if you could do better yourself." Like seriously man, could you do it better yourself? Could you sit in front of a computer, make such an enormous game from scratch over thousands of hours including adding a multiplayer, making it as player friendly and bug free as possible? I think not. Give credit where credit is due. These people put their hearts and souls into this piece of art and it shows. Unless you could do better, enjoy their efforts. They made it for you, for me, for all of us gamers to enjoy and appreciate. Send me a link detailing your life's work, I'd love to tear it to fucking pieces in a few ignorant statements to see how you'd feel

JokerElite1531d ago

Huh? Not once did I say I didn't appreciate the game for what it is, the GTA series have always been my personal favorite with every release.

You don't seem to understand. It's Rockstar's game, they can do whatever they want. However, when you have thousands of fans begging and asking in regards to heists information, you answer them, whether it be the news they want or do not want to hear. It's not like Rockstar isn't capable of adding it, as it is rather simple in perspective to everything else they've done.

Keeping quiet and putting off an issue isn't recommended for any company. The customers are the reason why they're making money, why risk the relationship and burn your bridges?

lipton1011531d ago

To be honest, I see your reply as perfectly valid. Totally misunderstood your initial comment as standard n4g entitlement

Lukebb911531d ago

Your comment is stupid

As a company they have loads of money and loads of talented staff it should be impossible for rockstar to make a bad game graphics or gameplay wise.

As a customer which is what you are you should be fucked of with rockstar for lying to you about heists but instead you are blindly deffending them.

Septic1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

This is the second thread Ive seen you in where youve gotten on your high horse with your condescending comments. Sort your attitude out.

Heists were advertised as being part of the game over a year ago. They still arent available. People quite rightly are disappointed. Not everyone swallows every bit of corporate spiel or is content with making excuses for devs, no matter how great they are when there are areas to rightly criticise.

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lildudexst1531d ago

Yes it perfect. No game doing what GTA 5 doing. Now this game worth another 60$ bone pluse stuff you get for coming bk going cry already thank you rockstar for giving me a master piece. Can't wait for your next GTA or another master piece.. People give thanks no matter what you got your money worth.

SteamPowered1531d ago

I felt GTAV had attained perfection. Anything now is just splendiferous!

Dyldog691531d ago

One game to school them all.

Elwenil1531d ago

Perfect implies that GTA has reached it's pinnacle and will no longer evolve or innovate. Regardless of how many things GTA5 did right or how many improvements have been made to the "next gen" version, there are still a lot of things left to be improved on. The story, character depth, radio stations and the promised heists for online mode are just a few things that still need improvement. I hope GTA6 continues to improve as all the other GTA games have from their predecessors.

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The story is too old to be commented.