Dragon Age: Inquisition Screenshots are Absolutely Dazzling

Gameranx: "New screenshots detailing Dragon Age: Inquisition are very beautiful."

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RegorL1534d ago

I wonder if Dragon Age: Inquisition is the first Frostbite game with Physical Based Rendering...

"All the Frostbite rendering team has progressively switched to
the PBR version and dropped the support of the non-PBR renderer."

Bigpappy1534d ago

The screen shots don't look overly spectacular. But that is not what is going to sell this game.

kiz26941534d ago

Ive been excited for a game for a while cant wait to dive into the open world, the graphics are looking fantastic!

3-4-51534d ago

Is it worth playing the previous games ?

Is there a continuous story?

erric21533d ago

Yes it is. You can alter the world state with everything you did in the previous games to affect things in the current game.