Titanfall vs Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

GameOnDaily pits the two big competitive arena shooters against each other and picks a winner. One will stand and will fall (no pun intended).

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nicksetzer11534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

100% titanfall for me, just wish titanfall had more customization and weapons. Mechanically no contest IMO.

@volkama why does everyone say you can't compare games that are of the same genre (been happening quite a bit lately) because they have differences? Isn't that the goal of a comparison? To point out said differences and which game executed them better. Seems like you fell into the trick, the industry wants you not to compare games, so that they have no standard to live up to.

ziratul1534d ago

1. Titanfall Bots are utter nonsense ruining online games. 2. Titanfall has very small amout of weapons and customizations.

Kornholic1534d ago

What are you, 5?

1. Obviously you haven't played Titanfall
2. Huge amount of guns doesn't equal to better game.

Ps. This is coming from a PS4 gamer.

gamer91534d ago

I agree the bots were terrible. The whole game was CoD with 1 killstreak and it wasn’t even that fun to be a Titan. Why are the wait times in the lobbies so long? A tiny bit of destruction would have made for better immersion. And graphic performance I thought would be better for a console exclusive. The player count could have been higher and get rid of bots, if they wanted to limit the number of Titans in the game at once then just make a queue, easy. I didn’t want the game to be like CoD or like Battlefield I just wanted a good fun game and it was not, it was very boring. The hype didn’t help – next big thing, ya right. CoD:AW has about 10x the content to keep you addicted, so far it is great except for the peer-to-peer connection, wish they spent some money on dedis.

Cream1534d ago

Titanfall maps and servers blow away AW.

one could argue AW's campaign... lol
but that's it.

VENOMACR12271534d ago

How many weapons do you need? Majority of gamers find that one gun that's better then rest and use it exclusively. BF 4 must have 50 guns, I use 10 max. Not to mention a bunch of the sniper rifles have same exact stats. And anyone that actually played game knows bots are there for new players so everyone can enjoy MP. If your serious u dont even bother with them.

DivoJones1534d ago

The mechanics and flow of Titanfall is stellar. I've picked up very few games that felt that natural right away. Now that CoD:AW has vertical elements to it, it feels like a different beast as well. It feels surprisingly like it would IRL, the boost is sudden yet short, battery life on abilities is short.

In my opinion the one thing that kills CoD is grenade launchers/noob tubes. Remove them from the game entirely.. make it a killstreak.. something other than giving people two easy kills every life. I had been enjoying Advanced Warfare multiplayer until last night, it was the first time I noticed a massive increase in the number of tubers.

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Horny1534d ago

I got my X box one on the 28th and been playing Titanfall up until cod came out. I have to say gameplay wise Titanfall is the better game. It lacked content. Once Titanfall 2 comes out I think it will be a much more fine tuned game than call of Duty.

Imo I have to say Titanfall is better, and more fun, at least for me.

VENOMACR12271534d ago

The new tf update was a welcome addition. Horde like mode is pretty fun.

Foehammer1534d ago

Metacritic agrees with you


But if you have a good PC or an X1, you win...because you can play both

vickers5001532d ago

Just got an Xbox one a few days ago and just ordered titanfall yesterday for 20 bucks, also picked up the season pass for 6 bucks, which was pretty much free to me since I had some xbl credit I had completely forgot about. I played the beta on pc with a 360 controller and had an absolute blast, looking forward to playing the full game with all the dlc, I don't think lack of content will be as much of an issue as it might have been due to having all the dlc. It seems like it'll be a good game to scratch that fast paced arcadey shooter itch I get every now and then (which I usually try and get rid of with the latest cod game hoping it will be different but ending up being disappointed).

3-4-51534d ago

* I'd like to see COD:AW scale back the speed by about 10%.

I'm loving the game so far but it's slightly too fast.

It takes some of the tactics and strategy out of flanking and stuff.

Titanfall just for me personally, was boring after like 5-6 matches.

Not sure why really as I thought I was going to love it.

It has good movement, but there is something very plain and "pre-2000's" about Titanfall.

Can't explain but there are a few things that seem VERY DATED....I just can't pinpoint what they are.

Both are solid games though.

creatchee1534d ago

To me, the deciding difference is this:

In Titanfall, when I shoot something, it dies.

In COD:AW, when I shoot something, it might die.

Seriously - I really wish that AW had true dedicated servers. The P2P struggle is real, and I lose way too many gun battles where I fire first and more often, at least on my screen.

1534d ago
Horny1533d ago

After playing more today I agree with you both. I recorded it on ps4 the lag is unreal. It's almost unplayable for me at this point and I just can't enjoy it. I would totally want my money back if I could.

joab7771534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

If Titanfall had included a single player like Infinity Ward was known for in MW and MW2, it would have been much more popular. Though I am so tired of the linear story following the follow guy and being told everything I have to do.

Of ot had been released on the PS4, it would have been more popular. Add in more customization and weapons for pilots, and this could have been the game everyone expected from the creators of CoD4.

Here's to hoping they get the money, time and team members needed to make Titanfall 2 the beast it should be.

Kingscorpion19811534d ago

Call of Duty A.W. feels like Ghost Recon lol

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Volkama1534d ago

Er you can't compare titanfall and COD. One of them is a sim and the other is an arcade game.

SmokingMonkey1534d ago

yea, which one is the sim?!

Volkama1534d ago

What's your next article? Forza 5 vs Mario 64? Smh

Cream1534d ago

compare the fact that one was Fun and the other isn't.

antz11041533d ago

I think he just used the wookie defense:

"If a seven foot wookie can live on Endor, you must acquit!!"

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Although I don't agree with what you say I will defend to the death your right to say it.

Volkama1534d ago

That would be a mistake.

Septic1534d ago

"What's your next article? Forza 5 vs Mario 64? Smh"

That's silly. Everyone knows the winner would be F Zero X

blakstarz1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Neither one is a SIM, not sure how you came to that conclusion or if you just being funny, both are fast paced and close to twitch-based shooting, depending on how you play it.

joab7771534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I know ppl have already reaponded, but I laughed so hard, I couldn't help but respond too. I guess he must think Titanfall is a Sim b/c he can't possibly think CoD is.

Even Battlefield isn't a sim, but it's much closer.

Go play ARMA or Operation Flashpoint and then let me know if you think CoD is a sim.

Volkama1534d ago

You can't have a comparison article without someone claiming it is invalid or unfair. I'm just being 'that guy' before it happens :-)

On topic, COD wins single player by default.

Multiplayer, titanfall has the better movement, map design, gameplay dynamics, and of course servers. Clear winner Imo.

As for graphics, aside from the campaign there isn't much between them. Both are slick, both dobthe job, both are a bit sterile and feel visually dated beside battlefield 4.

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CloudRap1534d ago

If titanfall had advanced wafares infantry gameplay, content, visuals and customization, it would be perfect IMO. I litterally only played TF for the last titan standing mode.

Gamer4life8881534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

lol isn't this obvious? AW absolutely DESTROY titanfall in


so pretty much everything.

spicelicka1534d ago

I dont know about gameplay. But yes given the fact that Titanfall doesn't have a story mode, it would be by default. I really wish they had an actual campaign.

Cream1534d ago

Story - I don't care. I don't buy games for story time.

Graphics - it helps, but to me its all about game play and... did I have fun.

Content - Case and a CD cover... nah I got a digital copy because my kids scratched my all my Disc.

Game play - I got Titan Fall because AW servers are terrible and so are the maps.

spicelicka1534d ago

Yeaa Titanfall's multiplayer is amazing compared to Cod. AW does have a nice change in formula with the jetpacks and what not, but there' not much new there.

And let's be realistic, Cod games have like a 5 hour campaign that majority of the population doesn't care about. I just don't a 100 explosions every 2 steps anymore, and narrow linear path to move in.

Unreal011534d ago

I agree, it baffles me how many disagrees you're getting. Advanced Warfare is clearly better in almost every aspect.

Titanfall, while the gameplay is quite fun and I loved the pace of it, it got so boring after a week. I can see myself playing Advanced Warfare for months to come. I'm sure Titanfall 2 will be much better, hopefully with a lot more content too.

Wikkid6661534d ago

Titanfall's gameplay is miles ahead of AW.

Horny1533d ago

TF has better gameplay. Graphics look damn near the same online. Titanfall also had better maps.

ape0071532d ago

lol you're the same guy that says halo sucks? and now titanfall sucks??

lol the poniesm is strong with this one

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