Amazon UK Slashes Prices On All Major Xbox One Bundles Including GTA V, Far Cry 4, COD: AW

"Amazon is once again tempting our wallets with a plethora of fine console deals, this time from the Xbox One family of bundles."

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ramiuk11531d ago

and they still not selling great at that price.
been that and less for weeks in UK and still not shifting loads.
infact u could get sunset overdrive console and game,ass creed unity and black flag other week for £359

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demonddel1531d ago

Wow I'm trolling a troll who runs this site

ramiuk11531d ago

i have a very good women thanks.
she will happliy let me sit there with my games blasting out on my surround sound system and 106" projector and have fun etc etc.
infact we been together for 14 years and still feel like im dating and i have 2 kids :).

shloobmm31531d ago

They are selling like hotcakes in the U.S tho and that's what matters most.

Kingthrash3601531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Don't get me wrong im an american but dam, we are not at the center of the earth.
I say world numbers count most. Yes the US is important because its x1s home country but as an american its always been all or nothing. No one cares for last place and minor victories.
That's said if the US was so important then why in gods name haven't we been getting the deals like the UK has? I mean really they're hooking the UK up big time over the US. Proves ms is going for more than just home wins.....hell ms isnt even winning at home.

dansdooz1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Every one of my 360 mates are getting xb1 for xmas, seems the price is right and the buzz is there. Uk user

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wotta1531d ago

Some pretty good PS4 deals too.

qwerty6761531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

jeez does amazon uk bundled like every single game with the console?

but to be honest they did this because GAME (the other major retailer in UK) is having some killer bundles of their own.

like this one.

ninsigma1531d ago

That is an unreal bundle!

ger23961531d ago

Makes sense, after north America, the U.K. is Microsoft's next biggest territory. They can't afford to lose any more ground to Sony this gen.

tigertron1531d ago

I managed to get the SSO bundle for £315 on Amazon when they lowered the price for one day. ^_^

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