Why I’m done with Destiny

Destiny doesn’t have enough content, and its first expansion isn’t adding enough to keep me from leaving.

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BigBosss1535d ago

Because Halo comes out next week?

Joking, I'm quite disappointed that there ins't enough to do in the game and also disappointed that they've already announced Destiny 2. Whatever happened to the 10 year plan for Destiny...

thekhurg1535d ago

The 10 year plan was the franchise, not a single game...

There's also more content in Destiny than any other modern shooter offers at launch.

Edward751535d ago


Halo :MCC has way more at launch.

Just saying.

Perjoss1535d ago

Ed, MCC is not a game, its a compilation of 4 games.

TomShoe1535d ago

You know what's insane?

The fact that we're probably going to have to spend $200+ to get the full experience before the next game comes out. I'm sure that Bungie made this deep, fantastic game, but Activision forced them to cut it to pieces to benefit the bottom line.

Mikelarry1535d ago

@ tomshoe,

I keep reading people saying activision made bungie do this or that when infact bungie has all the control. the contract states that activision has the right to publish the title nothing more nothing less bungie has all the control

thekhurg1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )


It's no different than any other MMO. You run content over and over for the gear grind, new content is released and you do it again. If you pvp, then you just pvp.

People keep trying to claim content was cut or this game was lacking. Bungie delivered exactly what they advertised regarding how this game was going to work. Instead of the monthly subscription requirement, you instead pay for content updates (ie DLC) that is delivered quicker than what your standard MMO offers.

The content coming in December would have been out of place had it arrived at launch. You're dealing with the Vex and the Vault of Glass during the launch timeline. That threat will be over in the progression of the persistent universe they're creating, and the guardians will turn their attention to the Hive and Crota.

masterfox1535d ago


Yep got to agree on that.

illAmpRefugee1535d ago

content wise i would say its destiny is average. because the pvp is basic the story was non existant and the co op is great but how long are doing the same missions going to hold u over. and lets be honest even though it claims to be an mmo u really dont get alot of custimization content on the disk and to even start seeing a real veriation in guns u have to get into the mid 20's come on before that there are litterally 4 primary guns to choose 4 this us a fps for gods sake...and tbh still a full story would have been nice not just the opening levels and half assed tacked on side missions to trick stupid ppl into thinking the story was longer than it actually was. thaTs why destinyt is a 6.5-7.5/10 and not a 9-10/10 for that fundimental reason no story at least what came on the disk. u shouldnt have to pay extra for dlc on a game to get a worth while strory out of it just because devs/publishers are greedy dlc should be bonus but in destiny's case the trying to make the dlc the main story wich is fucked up

CertifiedGamer1535d ago

NaughtyDogs is correct. Bungie did promise a 10 year plan for Destiny see the amount of agrees that out number the disagrees that means fans know what they heard from developers mouth and that also means the developer back peddled on their promise to make sequels. Bungie lied to fans, I was expecting 10 years of development and now I wish I wouldn't have bought the digital guardian edition as I am forced to keep this crappy as game and its under promised expansions.

user55757081534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Destiny was fun for a bit but the multiplayer is seriously lacking. they need bigger matches like 16v16 and they need bigger maps to encourage sniping and add capture the flag it's like come on

bungie should have just made it similar to the original halo and they would have done just fine

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BallsEye1535d ago

some of my friends are playing MCC for few days now...can't wait for my copy! Destiny is just a grind without a purpose. Dumb (compared to halo) and uninteresting enemies, very limited gameplay (wtf invisible walls everywhere! even on small hills!) and non existant story. Bungie, I'm a big fan but you screwed up this time. Glad 343 took over halo. They're doing amazing job.

BlackWolf121534d ago

Okay, so OP, your comment really annoyed me.

First things first, Destiny 2 has NOT been officially announced, it was revealed during an Activision financial call that early production was underway on the title.

Second, ANY developer worth their salt who are planning a future for their franchise begin planning WELL before. Somewhere, there is a Ubisoft developer who has just starting workong on the Assassins Creed games for 2017. 2015 and 2016 are already well into development. Does that disappoint you?

Finally, just because they have started work on it, doesn't mean Destiny 1 is shafted, nor does it mean that Destiny 2 is going to be released next year. I am fully expecting a 2016 release at the earliest.

How can you POSSIBLY say "Whatever happened to the 10 year plan"??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? !?!?! Them starting work on the sequel is EXACTLY THAT!!!! THEM WORKING ON THEIR 10 YEAR PLAN. Far out......

The most annoying thing about N4G is that if you don't get into the comments early, this kind of stupidity can run rampant throughout the comments.

Trekster_Gamer1534d ago

Destiny sucked in so many ways. Glad I was able to unload my physical copy.

The MCC blows away destiny in every conceivable way!

You defender's of this crapfest can play all you want.

S2Killinit1534d ago

Personally I found more gameplay (content or not) in this game than in any FPS I've played. i love the way they have included four different AI (as in the 4 completely different enemy races you encounter) that was out of my FPS dreams. The gameplay is fun, and thats all I need. On hard difficulty the game is a completely different beast. I hate playing on normal because it becomes a walk in the park, but on hard, man. I love the challenge.

TheRedButterfly1534d ago

Nobody said the game was missing "gameplay"... Content on the other hand? Yeah, you pay for that separately.

S2Killinit1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

maybe I should rephrase, by gameplay, I mean the only thing that counts. Gameplay as in, the game is fun, and I've put in more hours in it than I have on other games with "content"

a game of this caliper, I don't mind paying for extra content on. To me, whats important is that they made a fun and engaging game. Its challenging, there are multiple alien races (unlike most games that have 1, or 2 max) with different AI and different gameplay mechanics. So I'm fully content with Destiny.

BoriboyShoGUN1534d ago

What happen to the huge MMO/RPG world??? You could tell on the beta that the locations weren't that big at all. Sucks because the game looks and plays well but they needed more to it.

DarthZoolu1534d ago

I agree after I got all three classes lvld up, I kinda stopped went from 50 plus hours a week to 3 hours a week. Just not enough to do plain and simple. PvP need voice chat badly! I'm just done, plus I play on Xbox and I'm not down with being shafted so bye bye Bungie. I will remember the great times we share, and you have gotten $500 out of me over the years but that will most likely be the final total.

nosferatuzodd1534d ago

halo is a remake that will fade quickly its not a new game with new content its a out dated remake i dont know why people are acting like its the second coming of Christ

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midnightambler1535d ago

I regret buying digitally. If I'd bought a physical copy, I'd have traded it in by now.

BigBosss1535d ago

Take my advice and don't ever buy digit games anymore for many reasons. One being not being able to trade in the game back, second being digital games eat up your HD, etc

DJustinUNCHAIND1535d ago

Or he can just do what he wants to.

Redgehammer1535d ago

It's digital or Gamefly for me. I trade games in so rarely, that those two options are great for me.

wsoutlaw871535d ago

The hdd argument is gone for next gen consoles.

holdmyown831534d ago

I'm only doing digital for Online only games from now on.

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danny8181535d ago

same here. But I got burned with Tomb Raider

GreenRanger1535d ago

I could play this game forev....wait...wait.... the boredom just hit me like a ton of bricks.

2cents1535d ago


My favourite part in destiny was this one sided conversation with the speaker.

The Speaker: " I could tell you of the great battle centuries ago, how the Traveller was crippled. I could tell you of the power of The Darkness, its ancient enemy."

but he wont. lol.


GuruStarr781535d ago

Eh.. I still play at least 3 hours a day..

holdmyown831534d ago

Me too. Mostly 2hrs for bounties and daily's and an hr of cruscible. Depending on if I'm sucking or Good at it that day.

BattleTorn1535d ago

I've been slowing down, since the Nov hitters have arrived, but I will more than likely settle back into Destiny mid-Dec and for the foreseeable future.

Neonridr1535d ago

All I care about is finding a raid group to get the armor..

I go on and do the daily missions on max difficulty and if it's a Tuesday I will do the Weekly and Nightfall as well.

Other than that, unless I am going to do the raid, no point in going on..

wsoutlaw871535d ago

I did but once I saw 20$ dlc for almost no content, I decided to be mostly done with the game. There are a lot of other games for me to be playing.

BurntWolfAnkles1530d ago

Lvl 27 a smidge from 28 and just finally got a group together for the raid last night. What's blast it was. Having fun all over again!

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Redgehammer1535d ago

I don't feel that way about Destiny, 500 hours in, I'm still getting a thrill from the fights, the crucible , and the fun I'm having with my sons, which is invaluable, to me. However, once certain games deliver from Gamefly, I'll be busy.

GuruStarr781535d ago

LOL.. I thought the same once I got some gamefly games, but it's still nothing but Destiny ;)