Xbox One has the better games lineup for the second Christmas running

Dealspwn: "Sony are still happily trundling along, waiting for their first-party studios to cook up a bunch of exclusives somewhere down the line and shaping the image of the PS4 through third-party deals and console bundles, and Microsoft... well, Microsoft have a pretty strong lineup."

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Abash1532d ago

I disagree, I am looking forward to LittleBigPlanet 3 on PS4, Smash Bros for Wii U, and Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 Remix (just pre-ordered the CE!) more than any Xbox One game.

FuzzyPixels1532d ago

That caveat is in the article... the Wii U's games lineup is ridiculously awesome now.

bleedsoe9mm1532d ago

@FuzzyPixels if you could play 3rd party games on your wiiu as well , this would not be a fight .

HaveSumNuts1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

People keep forgetting about the 3rd party games and we all know which console people prefer to play them on.

ramiuk11532d ago

as u rightly put there are other games many are looking forward too more than the xbox line up.

they have a remake of really old halo games and sunset overdrive.
non of which i want yet games like LBP i cant wait much longer for,then when there is normally a drought after xmas ps4 has a raft of games to get through.

i cant wait for the numbers of sunset overdrive and halo because i dont think they are going to be as amazing as people think.

SuperLupe1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Yep 2nd Xmas in a row XOne killing it !

No need to wait for greatness on this side of the fence.

edit : oh I see, so now a certain group of people are hiding behind the Wii U now, wonder why :)
Let's just put it this way : You are in a for a blast if you own a XOne or a Wii U this holiday. Best would be to own both but if you cant I would advise you to go for a XOne. You get the 1st party AND 3rd party.

styferion1532d ago

I disagree too, DA: Inquisition, Persona Q, KH 2.5, and Pokemon ORAS for me.
People seem to forget there are many types of gamers, XB1 line-up is great for some, uninteresting for some.

SoapShoes1532d ago

The classic, "if you say it enough someone will believe you" crap. X1 has a good lineup but I wouldn't hold it over PS4 and certainly not when you look at 2014 as a whole. I love how these articles talk about two months and act like one is SOOOO great over only three exclusives when from March 11th to Sept. 31st there wasn't an exclusive to be seen. That's over half a year with NO games to differentiate it from any other platform and it looks like X1 will be having a drought next year too with not much in the pipeline for early 2015 scheduled so far.

pedrof931532d ago

Soap is right

Ps4 had MLB, FF online, the last or us if not counting the japanase games in between.

SniperControl1532d ago


I have ordered MCC, could not give two hoots about SSO.

AC:Unity, GTA 5, LBP3, Farcry 4, COD:AW, Dragon Age are also available on PS4, i love how the fanboys on here think there are no games for the PS4 this Christmas, a fact conveniently forgotten by fanboy journalists.
The PS4 has a awesome line-up, i would heartedly recommend getting a PS4 over the X1, early 2015 is where the PS4 truly becomes the must have console.

choujij1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Like most remaining objective, I too disagree.

@SoapShoes "The classic, "if you say it enough someone will believe you" crap."

That's so very true. And when you present a list such as this:
all of a sudden you're bombarded with a barrage of excuses to move goal posts.

DiRtY1532d ago

Yeah the first year sucked for the PS4 softwarewise.

LBP is not a franchise to build your lineup around and DriveClub failed to meet even the lowest expectations. Heck it barely worked for the first month and the PS+ edition is still MIA.

Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 got great reviews and very positive feedback from the players. Halo MCC is probably the best value in the history of videogames. Some smaller titles like Kinect Sports Rivals and Ori are welcome as well. Of course Titanfall was a great game as well.

Even 2015 looks awesome already with Halo 5, Tomb Raider, Fable Legends and Quantum Break.

That is really hard to beat. Uncharted alone won't do the trick and the Order got negative previews already

nX1532d ago

Xbox One lineup is far, far away from making me interested in the system. There's simply different types of gamers everywhere, I'm much more attracted by Uncharted, Bloodborne and The Order 1886 right now. Not to even mention Gran Turismo, God Of War, Persona5, No Man's Sky, RIME or The Tomorrow Children. I'm tired of these list wars though, just buy whatever you like.

No_Limit1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I have all three consoles and here are all the exclusives I have or will be getting so far this year.

Wii U: Mario Kart 8, Windwaker HD, Bayonetta 2, Smash Brothers

PS4: MLB 14, TLOU HD, inFamous SS (don't have it anymore, traded it in)

XB1: Titanfall, Project Spark, Killer Instinct Season 2, Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, Halo MCC

So yes, for me, the XB1 got the gold, Wii U the Silver, and the PS4 got the Bronze medal pertaining to exclusives. But it is just my preference and opinion.

Automatic791532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )


There is always trying to downplay Xbox One games. Either way enjoy your platform.

LordMaim1532d ago

@DiRtY: What are you talking about? There were significantly more PS4 games than Xbox One games.

You downplay The Order and welcome Kinect Sports Rivals? That's pretty transparent.

mikeslemonade1532d ago

But 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 the PS4 will have the better christmas. And it will have better years.

nX1532d ago


Apart from your strange taste Titanfall, Project Sparx and Forza Horizon 2 are not quite exclusive though.

No_Limit1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

@Bloodborne, well in that case, should PS4 gamers take out MLB14, TLOU, and LBP3 then? By your definition, these wouldn't be considered exclusives because they also appear on other consoles as well.

My definition of excusives is between the 3 current gen consoles, ie.. Wii U, PS4, and XB1 because they are in direct competition against each other and not with PC, or last gen consoles.

AngelicIceDiamond1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

@Bash That's great and all but that's an opinion after all.

Remember its not fact.

Its still crazy how the argument changed(for this holiday at least). Now its about third party but before they didn't matter. Read Evil Dead's post.

He mentions all the games Indie arcade and Kinect. Basically ALL of MS games not just AAA exclusives. He's making the same argument Sony fans are now. But that didn't count then but it surrrre counts now.

Mincrafts's not an exclusive because its on PC. This gen I see Sony fanboys listing PC games as if they're exclusive to PS4.

Only going by the shifting tieds of fanboy arguments (fanboys in general)


EDIT: I could go a little deeper. I feel typy to day so why not.

Sony fanboys praise the Cell processor calling Xbox 360 "Xbox 1.5"

Xbox fanboys retaliated when the Cell processor wasn't all that cracked up to be (fake stage demos)

Sony fanboys came back with calling the devs "lazy" and the "just wait argument"

Xbox fanboys originally made the argument of Sony fans having no games back in 06 and 07. Xbox fans started "its about AAA's" first.

Sony fanboys said its about the system features as well as the Cell processor and supposed better multiplats among other things (BlueRay, Internet browser) supposed Super Computer PS3 stuff later on. ( true story)

Sony fans retaliated when Xbox had no games.

Xbox fans said "its about third party and indie arcade" now.

Sony fans said "no its about AAA' exclusives" now. (Xbox fanboys ORIGINAL argument)

Xbox fans say its about AAA's ONCE AGAIN and not indie arcade.

Sony fanboys now are saying its about third party and indie arcade now.

Shifting logic'/ arguments, goal posting, suddenly changing the rules when one console lacks in something but is strong in one thing argument needs to stop.

I don't understand why they're can't be a balance. A healthy between both because that's what it should be.

The arguments and goal posting changes every year I wonder what the "hot thing" fanboys will change and preach in 2015.

Foehammer1532d ago Show
oasdada1532d ago

Funny how people keep forgetting that last gen ps3 had the most exclusives and the most higest rated exclusive.. back then 360 fans wudnt give a crap.. so now suddenly when eve1 is giving a crap abt xclusives then think abt all the potential xclusives of sony and hypothetically sony wins tne xclusive games war..

Azzanation1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Im not sure how old you are, and dont really care but for gamers to phrase a kids game like LBP3 shows me what kind of ordinance im seeing on N4G. Its rather this is the only exclusive PS game available this xmas so people need to phrase it in god status or simply a majority of you are kids that love kids games. Im 29 so Halo MCC is clearly a winner for me.

user55757081532d ago

i really think the Wii U deserves mention here considering it has a better holiday lineup than the 4 or the one

Mr Pumblechook1532d ago

So now we know which side Dealspwn's bread is buttered.

snipab8t1532d ago

You realise that every level in LBP 3 can be remade plus more in Project Spark ahah

BABYLEG1532d ago

I agree with @AZZ

I don't look down on people, but I missed out on all the Mario games & Nintendo exclusives since N64. Recently bought a wiiu thinking I still had love for these games... until I realize my brain doesn't operate on THAT LEVEL ANYMORE. nOT BEING DISRESPECTFUL,but its how I feel. if a Metroid game is not announced by e3 2015, im selling the wiiu.

Smash and Metroid is all I care for on the wiiu. really only Metroid.

I would never list LBP as a must have. I played the first one for 15 minutes at a friends house and it made me want to go outside and play...

I assume people who are interested in LBP are children.. same group who likes Mario.

Omegasyde1532d ago



....much..... ignorance....

....can't handle.....

all.....the...opinions...tryi cts...


morganfell1532d ago

Well azzination I am almost double your age. I grew up but I didn't grow old. I find titles such LBP, Mario, and numerous others you would title "kids games" highly enjoyable. While I like gritty realistic games I can also relax with something that is about fun and wonder.

I feel sorry for people like you that have not matured to the point you can see the magic in such titles. It takes a while and some people have to age in order to recapture that which they possessed when they were younger. Some never lose it while others never regain it. I have been to war, been shot and blown up twice yet I can still look at such games you attempt (and fail) to downplay and I can be suspended.

Perhaps when you are more secure in your age you will be able to enjoy such games. As the Chinese say, great is he who in adulthood still retains the heart of a child.

Games do not have a barrier nor do they have an age limit outside those which contain certain adult themes which may be best kept from younger age groups until they can understand the weight of the subjects they will experience. Other than that there is a certain freedom and a magic in the ability to be captivated by all types of games, not just the ones which satisfy your ego, make you feel manly, or perhaps make up for some real or imagined shortcoming.

Muzikguy1532d ago

@Azz I can't believe that. I'm older than you and I find LBP games enjoyable. Not to mention there are other exclusives and plenty 3rd party games to play. I played and passed on Halo. Does that make me more mature?!

That last comment of yours above mine is frickin awesome. Has to be one of the best things I've ever read on N4G :)

andibandit1532d ago


" I'm tired of these list wars though, just buy whatever you like. "

Soo... On the topic of "games for christmas 2014", you decide to list a bunch of ps4 games slated for 2015 and use it as an argument for the xbone lineup being uninteresting.

XBLSkull1532d ago

Await for Greatness or have it now lol. Xbox has always had the must play franchises I'm not sure why anyone would have thought different this time around. I agree with the article, two holiday wins for xbox, maybe next year the competition might be a little more stiff... oh wait, Halo 5... might as well call it 3 Christmas's running.

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FuzzyPixels1532d ago

Yeah, I have no doubt that the PS4's time will come and Sony's stable of devs will come roaring out of the gates with some barnstorming exclusives in the next year or two, but MS are doing well to capitalise on Sony's inactivity right now.

turdburgler10801532d ago

I can hear all the bowels of fanboys evacuating as I read the comment section. What a great way to incite fanboy rage.

lifeisgamesok1532d ago

Yeah at this point if you think PS4's lineup is better than Halo MCC, Killer Instinct, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Project Spark, and Forza Horizon 2 it would be very hard to believe

mkis0071532d ago

It just remains to be seen if ms can do enough damage before that happens. Nov and Dec npd should make everything clear. It will tell us if ms has a chance with the xb1. The 50$ cut bundles, halo , and ssod really leave no good future unless xb1 handily wins Nov and Dec in the us. If it can't do well in the us with amazino deals and we'll reviewed games, It should show that the ps4 sucess is beyond reach.

Chevalier1532d ago

Capitalizing on PS4's inactivity? Even though there are more releases on the PS4?! If they were truly capitalizing on inactivity shouldn't they be outselling PS4 then? PS4 has plenty of exclusive content and has been spread out nicely though out the year.

MLB 14
Guilty Gear
Bound by Flame
Natural Doctrine
Samurai Warrior 4
Drive Club
Dynasty Warrior Extreme
Moto GP 14
Final Fantasy 14
The Last of Us
Little Big Planet 3

Better versions of virtually EVERY 3rd party game.

3rd party games on the way as well as playing and looking better on PS4.

Far Cry 4
Assassin Creed Unity

More games and higher rated ones at that.

If that's a list with 'No Games' even though there's clearly more on PS4 then I imagine next year Xbox is going to get destroyed in sales even worse then this year.

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CYCLEGAMER1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I agree, I have been saying this since last year....2015 is the year to buy a playstation. That is when the ps4 will shine with great games. Right now though...the xbox one has the edge.

Yes...the ps3 was killing it with exclusives. I don't think that anyone is taking that away from Sony. Its just that RIGHT NOW, the xbox is coming in hitting home runs with games, but sony is up to bat. So we will see how this plays out.

thekhurg1532d ago

2013/2014 was the time to buy a PS4 too. Best gaming experience on a current generation console.

Alsybub1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )


Most powerful console right now? Yes.

Best gaming experience right now? No.

I own all three systems and couldn't give a damn about console wars. I just need to look at the number of great gaming experiences available on each and the number of games I have bought on each. 1st is X1, second is Wii U, 3rd is PS4.

I love my PS4 but it really doesn't have the software to go with its, legitimate, claim of most powerful system.

To those listing every piece of software being release - I'll buy pretty much any game that's got a good review and I'm not biased toward a particular platform. All I want is to play. So, I'm sorry, but my game shelf currently disagrees with anyone's list. Also, listing off every game being released before the end of the year isn't the same as what you'll be reaching in to your pocket and actually paying your hard earned cash for. Two different things.

Think of it this way, how many of those games will you actually buy? You can go a step further, if every game were multi plat and exclusives didn't exist, how many of the games you are considering buying, or already own, would you not? I think that anyone with only one system will buy games that they probably wouldn't look at twice if they had games like The Last of Us, Forza Horizon 2 or Smash Bros. Get my point?

I'm sure plenty here still won't.

I'll give those people the benefit of the doubt and give one more example of what I'm talking about. If I only owned a ps4 and wanted a driving game I would buy Drive Club and I would really enjoy it, I may even snub Forza Horizon 2 on X1,or if I were particularly bitter, say that publications were paid by Microsoft to review FH2 higher than DC. On the other hand, given the option of both FH2 and DC, because I own both systems, I'm going to choose FH2 every time because it's rated much higher overall and I only really need one racing game in my life at any one time. On top of that I couldn't give a damn which system it's on, I just want the best return on my investment when buying a game. If you still disagree then ask yourself this, all fan love for a system aside, if both of those games were on your favoured system which one would you HONESTLY buy? If you say something like 'I don't like racing games' or 'people that buy games based on a review are stupid' then you're missing the point of the principal and you can carry on as you are because there really is no hope. I totally understand that a lot of people are unable to stand in the shoes of those they don't share an allegiance with.

DARK WITNESS1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

@ Alsybub

Totally, totally agree with everything you have said.

I own both a ps4 and xbone.

For a while the ps4 has been my main gaming platform mostly because of multi plats and the exclusives that were on the xb1 honestly didn't do much for me.

That's not to say I think all the ps4's exclusives were better, I haven't really enjoyed many of them either, but for multiplats my home was the ps4.

Within sort of the last month and looking at the rest of this year it's the xb1 that has my attention.

I have FH2 and also have a free copy of drive club and I have already decided to trade in my copy of drive club. For the people who have no choice of course they are going to see it as Drive club is awesome blah blah blah..and like wise for the people on the xb1 with no option. Still for most (not all) people that own both I think there is no denying MS has the upper hand on this holiday season.

Next year it's next year... I don't see the point of bringing up lists for games next year when we are talking about this year, 2014!

some people just refuse to accept things for what they are.

The last few years of the 360 ms did crap as far as coming out with games and after the lashing they took at the release of the xb1 they really seemed to have taken a lot of crap on board.

Sony have done really well of the launch of the ps4 and we all know they have got a lot of stuff lined up... it's just MS have a bit more going on this holiday.

it's as simple as that, well for me anyway

Thatguy-3101532d ago

Like you I agree. However where was Microsoft the last few years?? Sony pumped exclusive after exclusive last year for 12 months. Of course there was going to be a drought. Especially with the introduction of the new console. Oh but starting February things are going to change. They'll be back to the cycle of releasing exclusive upon exclusive.

mediate-this1532d ago

Exclusive after exclusive and only one was great. Just cause a company pumps them out does not mean it's quality. Goes for all companies

Ulf1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Sadly, Sony canned a large number of studios and projects after their recent run of exclusives.

They're intentionally trimming the fat, to make the Sony books look good, at the expense of the PS4 gamer -- because the bottom line is that the "fat" is fun exclusives.

Sony is in a place where they don't need exclusives to win -- they can survive, and thrive even, on simply having 3rd party titles which have marginally superior rez. So they will -- because that's the road to financial success, no matter how much it sucks, in terms of AAA exclusives.

Think about it -- the PS4 is clearly the superior platform, at least in terms of GPU which many games thrive on. They spent the extra money to make it that way. They can't really afford to also make low-(or no)-profit exclusives as well. They need those books to look good, and the truth is, they already have the 3rd parties in their pocket. Why go out of their way to waste money on exclusives, when they don't need to?

I hope no one actually believes that Sony would make exclusives for the sake of "pleasing" the gamer, over pocketing more profits. It's ALWAYS the 2nd and 3rd place consoles that get the good 1st-party exclusives, because exclusives only have one benefit -- they make the platform more interesting. On average (meaning you have to rope in the failures with the successes, because it's a crap shoot), exclusives are not very profitable, if at all.

2cents1532d ago

I would say that I would hate to be in a position of only being able to get one of them this Christmas.

Both sides have so many reasons to own them equally.
I feel for those that have to make a choice.

I cant really say which one is better because they both bring me so much joy.

Bobby Kotex1532d ago

Not everyone who can afford both consoles are goofy enough to buy them both.

Eddie201011532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I own both and I can tell which I think is better and that would be PS4.

Much better UI, opinion. Installs games much faster than Xbox One. Much smoother experience.

Most third party games being better on PS4 with a few being equal on both systems.

Lots of third party exclusive content.

Lots of exclusive independent content.

Some very interesting exclusive content coming in the early part of the year for PS4. Microsoft is shooting their wad for Christmas.

Little Big Planet 3
Assassins creed Unity
Call of Duty: Advance Warfare
Far Cry 4 with exclusive content
Dragon Age Inquisition
Grand Theft Auto V
all coming to PS4 for the holiday.

Plenty of great already available games for PS4 and plenty of great games coming, starting in the first part of the year.

If you are buying or getting a console for Christmas you not only need to consider holiday games but also games that are coming in the future and games that are already available.

BISHOP-BRASIL1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I agree that not everyone with the pockets will feel like buying both (I know I don't), but saying those who will would need to be "goofy enough" to do so? No need to call people out and start a fight here, the pissing contest directly above is already doing the trick...

EDIT: I meant the answers to the first comments, not Eddie's comment (which wasn't there as I was typing).

medman1532d ago


On topic: Sony has had the best exclusives for the previous 3 generations of gaming, along with Nintendo. More importantly, there is no reason to believe that is changing in this, Sony's 4th console generation. Quite the contrary, in fact. So while lemmings like yourself focus on a 2 month window where you get giddy because 1 or 2 games come out for you to be happy about, the rest of the sane folks look at the history and smile, assured in the knowledge the goty exclusives are coming, as they always have. Where am I wrong?

VegasDawg1532d ago

You 're presenting your opinion as fact, that's where you're wrong

MysticStrummer1532d ago

@Vegas - This article is presenting opinion as fact, as is everyone who says the best lineup is on console A, B, or C.

What I don't get about these articles is why they ignore that PS4 has released more exclusives through the year than XB1 did. Why do only the releases near the holidays count suddenly?

ThePope1532d ago


Who cares that Sony has released the most exclusives?? Most no one will ever play, and the ones people will while good are not bringing more to the table this year than the X1 exclusives.

Think about this, if the x1 released 100 exclusives this year no matter how bad you would not be like "well MS has more exclusives so they win". No its all about quality.

Letthewookiewin1532d ago

I dont play racers, Sunset isnt something I'd buy a system for and Ive played each Halo a million times, soo thats some crazy line up.. Shut up. Ps4 is the best new gen system.

SilentNegotiator1532d ago

Gee, why aren't people buying the system with teh bestest games? Let me guess; people are still "falling for the initial hype" an entire year later?


Yes...hype is a helluva drug!

1532d ago
callahan091532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Even if we accept that it has the better games lineup for THIS Christmas... did it *really* have the best lineup LAST Christmas?

Here are lists of games that were available on each console (but not the other) in North America by Christmas day (metacritic scores in parentheses):


Fighter Within (23)
LocoCycle (48)
Halo: Spartan Assault (53)
Crimson Dragon (55)
Ryse: Son of Rome (60)
Powerstar Golf (65)
Zoo Tycoon (68)
Xbox Fitness (71)
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (72)
Zumba Fitness World Party (73)
Peggle 2 (77)
Dead Rising 3 (78)
Forza Motorsport 5 (79)


Knack (54)
Blacklight: Retribution (58)
Contrast (59)
Warframe (64)
Tiny Brains (64)
Super Motherload (65)
Doki-Doki Universe (71)
flOw (71)
Escape Plan (73)
Killzone: Shadow Fall (73)
DC Universe Online (75)
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition (80)
The Pinball Arcade (82)
ZEN Pinball 2 (82)
Trine 2: Complete Story (84)
Sound Shapes (84)
Resogun (84)
Flower (91)

13 games vs 18 games.
Average score 63 vs 73.
Highest score 79 vs 91.

PS4 in fact had 7 games that were rated higher than XBO's highest rated game.

And then consider that the PS4 had the better version of every multiplatform game, and I see a pretty big advantage to the PS4 lineup.

Bobby Kotex1532d ago

I'm sure you'll get downvoted not because of facts, but because of fanboyism.

MRMagoo1231532d ago

I think its funny that people on the xbone side only seem to care about the holiday season, yet PS4 has been delivering all year long not just blowing its load for 1 month a year. The fact the PS4 is smashing it home with double the hardware sales and also killing it with software sales shows that PS4 is easily the preferred console of the 2

incredibleMULK1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Thanks for taking the time to present your ps4 is greater comment in the xbox article.

Blacklight was free and rightfully so, game is horrible, looks like a ps3 title, like mag looked like a ps2 title! lol.
Doki doki, neverheard of it.
Warframe is on xboxone.

Convenient how you forgot Titanfall and forza horizons 2. Halo master chief collection?? 4 games in one?? hello. Its also comedic you didn't claim drive club.

I will stick with my xbox one as the console I play and the ps4 for my xbox one stand. Call me old fashioned but I prefer a reliable online experience. I also like the offset analog sticks...thumbs always touch on ds4. Good luck countering an opinion.

dragon821532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

He listed games out by Christmas day last year. I wasn't aware that Titanfall and Forza Horizon 2 were out by last Christmas? If so then this whole year was pretty pathetic for Xbone releases.

Edit: Also Halo MCC isn't out yet so how could it be out by last Christmas??

Magnes1532d ago

@incredibleMULK the ps4 is specifically mentioned in the article people are within their rights to post their pro ps4 opinion as are you your pro xb1. Who are you to police who posts what here at N4G?

ScaryMonkey1532d ago


Exactly who do you think he's talking about when he says "has the better lineup" better lineup versus who, that's right PS4. So the article had everything to do with PS4, and it was even mentioned in the article had you taken the time to read it, all he did was rebut what the author believes, he has every right to do that even if it bothers your fanboy sensibilities, which with comments like "ps4 for my xbox one stand" its pretty clear you're little more then an xbox fanboy troll and most likely dont own a PS4 anyway.

Automatic791532d ago

@ Callahan so now you fluff up the list with titles on X1. Lol

WilDRangeRfc1532d ago

Resogun??? Flower??? Ok they may have good ratings but they are indies you can play on a cellphone,Xbox games are of a higher quality just compare FH2 and DC or SSOD and ISS

lolosgolos1532d ago

Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse are by far more complex games than those indie games you are listing there. You can't even make a bundle out of most of those PS4 games and almost all are forgotten by now.

lolosgolos1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Not even stream worthy titles on that PS4 list

callahan091532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

@MichaelLito79: What are you talking about? I clearly stated in my post "games that were available on each console (but not the other) in North America by Christmas day" (of 2013, which was clearly implied by my opening sentence "did it *really* have the best lineup LAST Christmas?").

Every game I mentioned was on PS4 and NOT on Xbox One by LAST CHRISTMAS.

@incredibleMULK: Warframe was on PS4 at launch last year. It didn't come to Xbox One until September of this year. Therefore, it is on my list for LAST CHRISTMAS'S LINEUP, which was the entire point of discussion. At that time, it wasn't on Xbox One.

For example, if we were discussing which console had the better lineup in 2007, I should think Mass Effect and Bioshock would be a part of that discussion for Xbox 360's lineup, even though in the time since they have both come out on PS3.

@WilDRangeRfc: Resogun & Flower can be played on a cellphone? Gee, that's news to me. Have you ever even seen Flower? That is a very graphically impressive game. Also, I was talking about LAST CHRISTMAS'S LINEUP. You name-checked two Xbox One games that came out this fall and a PS4 game from the Spring and one from the fall. That's got nothing to do with last Christmas's lineup. I wasn't refuting the article's assertion that the Xbox One has a better holiday lineup this year, I was refuting the assertion that it had better games LAST YEAR, because I don't think it did.

I also believe games like Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, and Injustice compare similarly in quality among disc-based exclusives (not on the opposing console) to Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, and Forza 5. It's a matter of opinion, especially since none of those games even match up in genre. Beyond those three disc-based games, there is simply a larger selection of games on PS4. The digital offerings were very favorably received by critics and the PS4 community, you shouldn't just dismiss fun/quality games because of their stature. They add to the possibilities of experience you can have on your console.

I love Flower. It is one of my favorite games of all time. A lot of the best games of all time could be created by small teams and released as small downloadable "indies" these days. Such as Tetris? Super Mario Bros? Super Metroid? Zelda: A Link to the Past? These games are of a similar stature and quality to a lot games that get released by small teams as downloadable-only games these days. Dismissing them as non-important, irrelevant, and not worth your time doesn't mean your opinion is reality. Those games can be every bit as worth playing as AAA disc-based games. They really fill out the realm of possibilities available on a console.