The Crew Season Pass detailed

Neil writes "Ubisoft have today kicked off The Crew closed beta, but much more interesting are the details of the Season Pass."

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Jasmino9241536d ago

Not sure if it's just me but does it rub anyone else the wrong way that Ubisoft is selling car packs for a game that *already* has microtransactions?

I know it's optional, but still...

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2cents1536d ago

I'm annoyed.

And without any proper reviews of the game, they are already telling us how broke we will be before we have even played the damn thing.

Forza are guilty of this too.

When you release a new game, release it and shut up for a while. Let people feel like they have purchased a complete product and let them enjoy it for a while. When they are already telling us their roadmap and how much it is going to cost, it puts me off. As I feel like there is somehow something missing for the game I just paid for.

Angerfist1536d ago

Same feeling i have and why I'm not buying Far Cry 4. Don't tell me about stuff you obviously cut out off the game to sell at to me again.

opoikl1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I've got 2 spare codes for The Crew PS4 beta. If anyone's interested, just PM me.

AgentSmithPS41536d ago

Oh Ubi... trying to treat me like a booby, a game should be out for awhile and prove itself before you start trying to ram things down our throats. I want to buy a complete game and enjoy it, I don't want to have to turn into a 'bean counter', figuring out what's missing, will MP be unfair because of DLC cars, how much is it really worth, etc because I feel like you're trying to rip me off.

I rarely buy 'addons' for games but I'm not even going to go near 'the crew' until it's been out awhile and the beans have been inspected for me (I don't want their 'frank'). I'll give my money to better people by getting the Resogun season pass. I paid off GTA V so now I'll just pick it up and play that for a long time until I see what other games are worth getting.

Maybe we need laws to prevent any extra addon crap from being sold within a few months of a full game release. Horse armor comes to mind, lol.

Az1mov1536d ago

Off topic: the crew closed beta code can be found below; best of luck! PS4 and redeemable now


MrChicagoWind1536d ago

Still waiting on the email... anyone else have a ps4 code that can PM? I'll share the wealth when and if I receive my code.

vivid831536d ago

my download is gonna take 4hrs

NitrousX1536d ago

It's not even launched yet I do hope the game launches with no issues. I do hope the season pass doesn't limit those who do not have the dlc

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