Target 11-16/11-22 Video Game Ad With B1G1 25% Off Gaming Cards, Nintendo 2DS At $100, More

Techtorial: Target's video game ad for 11-16/11-22 listing newly released titles like GTA V, Far Cry 4 along with other promos.

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Chevalier1534d ago

Last month they had ALL their points and network cards for 25% off where I was. They are also having a sale tomorrow for all platform games, buy 2 get one FREE.

sashimi1534d ago

I tried twice @ those psn cards..always sold out smh, i don't even try anymore

Chevalier1533d ago

Honestly my Target also appeared to be sold out, but, I found a points card off to the side and it was packed with them. Their system displays had a couple hanging around as well. Hopefully you come across them next time.

slinky1234561534d ago

Does anyone know if Target will carry Tales of Hearts R for the Vita? The ads and online doesn't show it for them so idk if they will have it. I'd like to buy it using B2G1 though.

Chevalier1533d ago
No they won't. It is a Gamestop/EB Games exclusive. Don't wait and go preorder it. Or prepare to pay a lot. Last time we had an exclusive was Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii and now those games can be $100+ on ebay.

slinky1234561533d ago

I forgot it was a gamestop exclusive. Thanks for reminding me. Can't believe I forgot that.

Chevalier1532d ago

No problem. I think it will be hard to find. My store had 16 preorders and we got exactly 16 copies. We got zero copies for walkins. Not sure if we will get restock.

slinky1234561532d ago

Well, I was able to reserve it, thanks again for the reminder. But if the copies are that limited idk when they'll have it. I remember reserving some games at gamestop and them not having them for a few weeks after release. The Sly collection I never got after a month from them and just ended up canceling it.

NegativeCreep4271534d ago

Until Saturday, Target is also offering double trade-in value for Games.

CoryHG1533d ago