Mass Effect 4 news at N7 Day? “We shall see…” says Bioware

"Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that Mass Effect 4 news is coming, there is definitely hope. When asked about the possibility of hearing some fresh news at N7 Day, Bioware developer Aaryn Flynn gave a rather promising “We shall see…” response."

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KiwiViper851534d ago

I wasn't totally into the ME trilogy, but still excited for New Gen ME. Give it a Holiday 2017 release and make it special.

AngelicIceDiamond1533d ago

2017? I can see next year sometime.

KiwiViper851533d ago

I suppose it depends on how far into production it is. I think Holiday 2016 at the earliest, that's why I said 2017, like take an extra year and make it special and not rush it to release.

spicelicka1533d ago

2017!! you think we're immortal here or something??

Evildoomnerd1533d ago

I didn't even realize its already November 7th. Here's hoping the next game has ME1's exploration, ME2's awesome storyline, and ME3's combat. Oh and I'd love to see the M-920 Cain make a return :)

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Saints941533d ago

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