The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Will Get 16 DLCs That Will Be Completely Free To Everyone

CD Projekt RED has revealed its DLC plans for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. According to the company, this new The Witcher game will receive 16 DLCs. Contrary to all other titles, however, all this new content will be available to everyone from the get-go. Yeap, CD Projekt RED will be releasing 16 FREE DLCs.

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starrman19851533d ago

Many AAA developers could learn a lot from these guys, I have so much respect for CD Projekt Red!

Yi-Long1533d ago

Great game + Great support = day 1 purchase: These guys deserve it!

So rarely do I pay full price for a game anymore these days, because of all that DLC-milking. I'm happy that these guys treat their fans they way they themselves would want to be treated as customers.

Palitera1533d ago

It has to go both ways.
And it does.

UltraNova1533d ago

You guys can have my 60 bucks day 1.

A BIG thanks!

If anyone from Activision and like-minded leeches out there are reading this>>> GO F*** YOURSELVES!!!

Nicolee1533d ago

yes i pre-order mine just now 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Collector's Edition ' on ^_^

BiggerBoss1533d ago

Ive never played a Witcher game before (will def be playing 3 though) but it seems CDPR are the good guys of the game industry. I wish certain developers and publishers would learn something from them

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Fizzler1533d ago

You do know it's just gonna be a bunch of trinkets like clothes and weapons, they're still going to charge for actual expansions.

Bansai1533d ago

So far every major expansion (enhanced editions) were free, I don't see a reason to change it just because everybody else does it, it's CDPR we're talkin' about here.

Mariusmssj1533d ago

CDPR have never charged for the expansions

annoyedgamer1533d ago

CD Project RED does not sell trinkets and costumes AKA junk.

Nicolee1533d ago

if you bought and played witcher2. you will know it all were free. this is how this company rolled since.

HammadTheBeast1533d ago

When CDPR say DLC, they mean real DLC.

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Jonny5isalive1533d ago

THese guys are by far the best devs. I only played witcher 2 on 360 but it was one of the best games Ive ever played. Besides fallout 4 this is the game I want the most, it will be amazing.

Everyone, if you like RPGs then you need to play this game, there is nothing like the witcher out there and 3 is gong to be one of the best games ever made.

pedrof931533d ago

Really ? Maybe these dlc's were cut from the original game, and in the moment you get the game you already payed for the it.

joab7771533d ago

It's amazing too b/c I know this game was not cheap to make. Considering the fact that it's next gen only w/ a limited consumer base and it's niche genre, and I hope they actually make some money. Now, the dlc is free. I love you guys, and and I'm not sure who publishes or if it's self published, but here's to hoping everyone supports these guys. They truely deserve it.

I am so pumped for this title.

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Az1mov1533d ago

that's how you do it, respect guys

TheGrimReaper00111533d ago

that aint working
thats the way you do it
money for nothing, and DLC is for free~

Az1mov1533d ago

Let me tell ya them guys ain't dumb ;)

DeadMansHand1533d ago

Baby get a blister on your trigger finger. ...

ginsunuva1533d ago

Someone out there is still gonna pirate this game cause they're poor

HexxedAvenger1533d ago

oh wow... free DLC... thats awesome!

Aleithian1533d ago

Really need to play the first two games to prep for this...

Lord_Sloth1533d ago

I'm going through the 2nd at the moment.

Aleithian1533d ago

My issue is the lack of a pc capable of playing the first :S I can't bring myself to play the second until I've played 1. So I'll probably have to wait until I get a gaming a few years. -_-

WildArmed1533d ago

Skip the first and go straight to the second. You'll still get a lot out of the game, the first game was good but did not play well in my opinion. I couldn't get through it and played through witcher 2 instead. Amazing game so far.

CD guys have always been awesome with dlc like the enchanted edition upgrade was free for everyone that bought the game. Heck they even have their game from free on PC, and the gaming community loved them for not screwing their customers with DRM. The game sold extremely well.

cpayne931533d ago

I disagree, you gotta play the first. The gameplay was very different and somewhat flawed, but it was still deep and satisfying imo and the story and choices are excellent. A unique original game that everyone should try.

Roccetarius1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

The first game is certainly different, but by no means should you skip the game. Decisions that you've made in Witcher 1 and 2 can carry over to Witcher 3 as well. There are also mods to make things easier in the first game.

(That's PC obviously).

Aleithian1533d ago

I've seriously considered that, but I just can't bring myself to miss the story elements in a series of this prominence. It's like Mass Effect: I skipped the first (back when it wasn't on PS3) and always regretted it.

1nsomniac1533d ago

I've never played the 1st but played through the 2nd when it was released. It explains the backstory from the beginning & pads it out by giving you more of the backstory as you go on through the game. I don't feel like I missed anything. At this stage with the length of the games I wouldn't bother starting from 1 you'll be tired of the series by the time 3 comes out. They're massive games.

WildArmed1533d ago

The longer you wait, the less likely you'll be able to witcher 1.

It still has a ton of issues w/ newer cards and so on. If you can't bring yourself to finish Witcher 1, don't feel bad about starting Witcher 2. They've done a very good job in making sure you don't feel left out for not playing Witcher 1

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Agent20091533d ago

Or, you could watch a playthrough on YouTube. Now.

nikrel1533d ago

Can't wait to play this. I wonder if I should upgrade my video card.

cpayne931533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

What are your specs?

nikrel1533d ago

16gb ram 1600mhz
660 ti 2gb

Eamon1533d ago

Is GTX 970 enough to play this game on max settings 60fps?

Right now I have HD7850.

Truehellfire1533d ago

A 970? Yeah you should be more than good. Rumors are that a GTX 780 Ti (similar to 970) gets 35-40fps on max settings, but with 8xMSAA. Dialing it back to 4xMSAA (or using alternate AA methods), you should easily be hitting 60fps by the time proper drivers are released.

Truehellfire1533d ago

In all fairness though you should definitely wait till proper recommendations come out. I am going based off rumor. Another thing you might want to consider (if you haven't bought the game yet) is waiting to see if nVidia announces a Witcher 3 deal. Seeing as the Witcher 3 is a nVidia favored game, there is a good chance nVidia might announce a deal in which you get the game for free when buying a new graphics card.

Eamon1533d ago

I already used Kinguin to pre-purchase Witcher 3 though!

Also, I've been wanting a new gfx card for Dragon Age Inquisition too. Do you reckon GTX 970 is more than enough for that?

Truehellfire1533d ago

Well that means you can get your card sooner.
Oh yeah a GTX 970 should be more than enough to handle Inquisition. I have a GTX 780 and I am pretty sure I wont even have any issues running max settings at 60 fps. Even though the Frostbite Engine is AMD favored, it still runs really well on nVidia cards. I rarely drop below 60 fps on Battlefield 4 max settings and 4xMSAA.

Eamon1533d ago

Nice, nice. Good to know. Looks like GTX 970, it is. Also need to find good offers for Inquisition.

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starchild1533d ago

I would say yes. This game will likely be demanding.

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