Halo: Nightfall Review: ‘It’s Only Just Beginning’ shows promise but fails to impress | Postmedia

Microsoft’s upcoming live-action Halo series, Nightfall, has a number of big names behind it so expectations for the latest effort to create a live-action Halo series are relatively high.

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XBLSkull1535d ago

Can't wait for this, looks great.

Halo2ODST21534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

what could we expect from 343, well they did do Halo Legends amazingly, but aside from that, they have been been 2nd rate

AO1JMM1533d ago

Same here. Cannot wait to see the whole show.

OOMagnum1535d ago

I hate how they review nightfall. Its episodic imo you should review it once all the episodes release.

2cents1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )


Really stupid to review the first 20minute episode of a 5 part story. But gotta get dem clicks.

I wont be reading the review as I really don't need anyone telling me their interpretation of Nightfall.

I have no idea how deep this reviewer is into the lore, but I know that I, like many others gain far more from the surrounding content due to a heavy investment into the universe.

It's like when normal people and comic book fans go to see the next big DC or Marvel film. The standard cinema goers often miss all the Easter eggs and fist pumping nods to other characters, where as the internet forums light up with all the cool stuff that the 'fans' found.

I will wait, watch them all, then have an opinion.

Edit: I really like the look of Agent Loke's Spartan armour in the teasers we have seen, Im really excited for this story arch.

mhunterjr1535d ago

I don't mind that they review each episode, and I don't mind the reviews this episode has gotten so far. I just wish they'd take into account that this is just a pilot episode, and I'd more about introducing people to the show, that it is diving into the mythos.

2cents1535d ago

I understand what you are saying, also I probably should not have used the words "Really stupid to review" because everyone has a right to express an opinion.

I am more thinking of it from the angle that Nightfall is a complete story. Created as such. So when the story is broken down into bite-size chunks for trickled mass consumption, only viewing the first part and expressing a scored critique can seem a little unfair.

As any creative writer will know, there are ebb's and flows to a story, there is always calm before a storm, and a palpable build up to epic events. So taking the first 20 mins of this undoubtedly orchestrated story and sticking a score on it is not true justice.

If you are aware of the narrative structure created by Joseph Campbell then you will know that any good story will follow a fairly set template. The first of these are:

1: The ordinary World (setting the landscape, it's characters, protagonists and antagonists)
2: The Call to Adventure (The mission, should you choose to accept it)

This is about as far as the first episode will probably be able to go without loosing a tried and tested structure.

Nightfall should be looked as one story, not 5 short ones. You wouldn't review the first chapter of a film, so I think the same should be done of Nightfall. But that's just my 2cents :)

ManiacMansion1535d ago

Well its a movie.. everything between 6.0 and 8 is good.

Volkama1535d ago

The trailers looked a bit tacky to me, but I'll give it a go. Why not when it's included with the must-buy collection?

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The story is too old to be commented.