IGN - Halo: Nightfall Pilot Review

One of the nice things about the Halo universe is that it welcomes all kinds of fans. Many would rather stick to the games. Some don't even bother with the single player campaigns in those games, preferring to shoot to out in the multiplayer modes and leave the experience at that. But there's a rich mythology driving the Halo games if you choose to dive into it. Increasingly, we're seeing that mythology expand not just in comics and novels, but live-action projects that attempt to show us what an honest, big-budget Halo movie would look like.

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AutoCad1536d ago

scored better then some hollywood blockbusters...

TheBrit1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I know it is tied to halo but reviewing this and giving it a score just seems odd. Cut-scenes next?

DoomeDx1536d ago

Err IGN reviews more then just games? They do comics, movies and tv shows too.

TheBrit1536d ago

and that's fine. But this is not IGN and I cannot remember the last time I saw something like this reviewed and just seems odd.

bleedsoe9mm1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

@TheBrit yesterdays podcast unlocked the were reviewing hamburgers and on tuesdays podcast beyond greg miller was reviewing colin moriarty's beard and haircut . they can't help themselves .

JediDiah1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

They didn't need live action.....should have used Blur instead. That said I bet they are not thrilled to give IGN exclude looks at Halo just to get dissed in the scoring department.

Eonjay1536d ago

That might have cost more money and might have been less appealing to the masses.

Hooby1536d ago

If it was that expensive I doubt they would have decided to redo the entirety of Halo 2 with it.

PockyKing1536d ago


The only did an hours worth of footage for Halo 2. I'm not sure how long each episode is for NightFall, but if they're 30 or so minutes each, that can add up quick, and they'd have to be made from scratch, not just building upon what's already there.

Rimeskeem1536d ago

Aren't pilots supposed to be rings that get people hooked on the show

Masterchief_thegoat1536d ago

Yea ign grade my favorite serie the blacklist 6-7 and still the most watch on monday nights. I be the judge when i see it.:-)

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