Destiny 2 Furthers an Unhealthy Practice in Gaming

Announcing that a Destiny sequel is already underway while the current one still suffers raises some issues.

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n4rc1538d ago


Please explain how its suffering? Your percieved lack of content?

The game works great and millions are playing it.. The sequel can be where they improve on the series..

Sure they have a small team finishing up dlc.. And the support staff is still fully on destiny, But what are all the engineers and programmers supposed to be doing now?

Two different ends of the development spectrum.

EdMcGlone1538d ago

Maybe suffers is a little strong, but the game still has lots of issues, especially on the RPG and MMO side of things. There's a lot of aspects in Destiny that need fixing up, especially considering how long it was in development for and the pedigree of its developer/publisher.

n4rc1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I'd like to see changes made too.. But suffers is like saying its broken..

We can all want more.. But they aren't obligated to create addition content and tweaking things to your liking isnt exactly a universal need. They have tons of staff that can be working on the preliminary stuff for the new game because their work is done on the first..

Lord_Sloth1538d ago

Well the sequel's still 2 years out with more DLC and patches on the way. Saying Destiny 2 is in the works could mean anything from basic concept art to simple round table discussions.

venom061538d ago

yes it does "SUFFER"... they need to fix the damn game before even talking about a Destiny 2..

CloudRap1538d ago

Unless big changes are made in the sequel Im done with this franchise, it by far the biggest dissapointment this year.

Conzul1538d ago

I'd want a waaaay meatier story, and storylike crucible missions, ala Killzone 3.

amnalehu1538d ago

I can't name very many games that I have been willing to sink 50+ hours into. The story may be a bit weak, there are a few features (proximity chat) that I wish were present. But over all I have had and am still having a lot of fun with Destiny. Suffering?

KyRo1538d ago

Amen and this happens with most major games with sequels but because it's destiny it's 'cool' to Call it out and hate.

joab7771538d ago

I love Destiny and my issues r entirely b/c I love mmo's and want more mmo - like additions.

But how is this Destiny 2 gonna work? Is there really only 2 more dlc for Destiny and thats it. Then Destiny 2. I hope u keep ur characters and continue to level. But how does that work for ppl that didn't play the 1st?

I think they should just sell expansions for like $40. Add to the world that already exists. For those who don't own Detstiny, sell both for $60.

Mister_Audrey1538d ago

I bet you enjoy being ripped off and thank people when it happens.

1538d ago
wsoutlaw871538d ago

ya everything works fine, so i dont see where the suffering is. everyone just loves to overreact. does the game need more content, yes, but that has nothing to to with the team working on destiny 2.

Halo2ODST21537d ago

The game has more problems than just a lack of Content

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Undini1538d ago

Well they can make Destiny 2,3,4. Just go #@* Activision. Broke something good. How support this game for 10 years with Destiny 2? Are you blind guys. Well I think your parents brought your games anyway.

khellendros11538d ago

I don't get it. Most people complaining about lack of content have spent at least 100 hrs or more on this game. I'm well over 100 hrs. If Bungie was charging a monthly fee then I would totally agree. But I have games in my collection that I paid the same amount of money for and haven't spent nearly as much time as I have in Destiny. It's my favorite game this year.

joab7771538d ago

It's not lack of content. I just don't want a sequel. I want continued and added support for this game. It's only the beginning of what could be an amazing universe with great mmofpsrpg content.

WickedLester1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I agree with you joab777. I was hoping to see Bungie treat Destiny similar to World of Warcraft where they continue to add to and expand the universe we are already playing in, not to force me to load up a separate game to find out more to the story. I wanted to see additional planets added along with the current maps expanded with more territories to explore. That's what I took their "10 year plan" to mean. If Bungie's plan is to relese the two announced expansions and then drop support in order to release a sequel, they will have lost me as a customer. This isn't what I signed up for with Destiny.

wsoutlaw871538d ago

That model works for a subscription game like wow, but destiny relies on dlc and game sales. Releasing a destiny 2 is the only way to spark sales. I would like it if they treat it as a huge expansion though and you can carry everything over seamlessly.

BlackWolf121538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I freaking know right!

That's my biggest problem with most of the complainers. The people complaining about the lack of content, or the repetitiveness or bla bla bla, they have all played the game for well over 100 hours.

That's no small amount of time. I feel like I've played Destiny every spare minute of my life since release and am not very far over that.

There is a point with every game that you think either "I am having a blast with this game, I am going to keep playing" or "I have played enough of this game, I will move on now". That point comes WELL BEFORE 100 hours.

Obviously they didn't mind the content, or repetitiveness for the first 100 hours. Obviously there was enough content to keep them busy for that 100 hours.

Playing ANY game for 100 hours means you more than got your moneys worth. Most single player only games won't last more then 20 hours at the most. The single player mode of COD lasts like 5 hours.

I seen a guy on the Destiny forum making a massive crying thread, complaining about pretty much everything. Then I looked at his profile and he had played like 400 hours or something? Those kinds of people are just trying to get attention.

And for those people that are saying they want continued support, and not a sequel, you will not see a HUGE change in this game without a sequel. DLC's can add content, but the mechanics, graphics, and story won't evolve as much as we want it to without a full sequel. The most a DLC can offer us is an entirely new planet.

GearsOfWar1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I think a lot of people are confusing content with recycled content. Bungie did an amazing job with the gunplay in Destiny. It's easy to disregard the repetitiveness when the gameplay is so well done.

While it excels at the core mechanics of the game, it suffers in offering us varied/interesting environments to play in. I think the biggest problem is that the story really doesn't attach us to anything, so we have no real reason to care about why we're doing what we're doing. Mission structures are essentially reused at every opportunity.

The system they have in place promotes repetitive play, replaying the same missions, strikes, and raids over and over again in hopes of gaining new gear/weapons, however, this is not a healthy system. It's almost like they are starving us but dropping crumbs to keep us coming back for more. It doesn't quite have the long term hook that MMOs have.

The amount of content included in their next expansion is doing little to fix this problem. Players will play most of the "content" in the first week, and then it will be recycled, giving a false sense of more content. You can argue the hours people sink into the game, however you can't argue that it's not the same recycled content that took little time to complete your first playthrough.

Bungie got the feel of playing Destiny right. Everything feels smooth, polished, and it just works really well. It's clear they learned a lot from making Halo and even more from partnering with Activision (there's a slight Cod feel as well). It just seems like their content delivery is taking cues from F2P mobile games and that's a hard model to support.

wsoutlaw871538d ago

just because someone likes a game enough to replay it doesnt mean anything. I have gotten a ton of hours messing around in Infamous SS but that game is still short. Games like this should have way more content. Borderlands released with well over 100 missions. The game does lack content when you compare it to the other games like it.

Halo2ODST21537d ago

Destiny is addictive, but that 100+ hours is just the same content, you can't price addictiveness because it can wear off pretty fast, like just now, and games are a long term investment, not just for one night,

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KwietStorm1538d ago

The sequel won't be out next month. Just because we know it's a thing, doesn't mean they've actually started development. They're probably just starting to work on the blueprint. Was it when announced or was it just the legal documents? Everyone wants to jump to conclusions and assume things in this industry all the time now. And are we really gonna act like they don't have a dedicated team working on the game post release too?

BattleTorn1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

And now Activison know exactly why (their) COD devs wait to exactly February to reveal their next installment.

iceman061538d ago

Also, why is this a surprise when it was announced along with the announcement of the game. This is part of the $500 million investment into the franchise. Destiny, then DLC, then Destiny 2. It's not like they are going to just STOP doing anything with Destiny. Especially with the fact that they are still tweaking things on a weekly basis. In the end, if you don't like it...don't play it. But, by all means, stop acting like this is the worst game ever. It's not perfect (which MOST games aren't). But, it's still a pretty fun game for those that are into this genre.

kurruptor1538d ago

Enough with these articles.

Do people not understand that sequels are likely in planning and maybe even development already before the previous game is even released?

It isn't like we have a release date already or something.

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