Miyamoto teases the future of Pikmin

Based on recent comments from Shigeru Miyamoto, it sounds like we can look forward to another Pikmin game in the future.

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Timbalada1539d ago

I would love to see a more fleshed out Pikmin sequel!

3-4-51539d ago

Got Pikmin 3 for free, but only played it for like 30 minutes.

I think I need to be more in the mood for that type of game before I try and play the full game.

I love the art style and music though.

Metallox1539d ago

It's a very weird game to say the least. You need to give it its time.

cfeste1539d ago

I couldn't stop playing the game. :)

Timbalada1538d ago

I have spent at least 100 hours playing the mission mode and trying to get platinum solo and coop. The story mode was nice but something I would replay. I would like to see pikmin 4 having more modes.

Geekman1538d ago

I agree you need to be in the right mood, but dude, only 30 minutes?

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Metallox1539d ago

I'm the happiest teen in the world,

let's party hard!!!!!

Locknuts1539d ago

I feel like Miyamoto is an old man tinkering in his shed now. He just does whatever he wants. He earned it I guess, but I really do wish someone at Nintendo could be as big a visionary as him and create games as revolutionary as Mario 64, OOT & Metroid Prime.

Summons751539d ago

He has a very different and unique way of thinking something that a lot in this industry refuse to look at now unfortunately.