Mojang Now Officially Part Of Microsoft

Microsofts bid to acquire Mojang is now complete. The Minecraft studio is now officially part of the Xbox portfolio.

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BigBosss1537d ago

Please take care of Mojang Microsoft, that's all I am asking for.

TomShoe1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

What happens to Minecraft?

I expect it to be on every Microsoft device imaginable. Like the new Minesweeper, lol.

Free Minecraft with Windows 8!
Free Minecraft with Xbox One!
Free Minecraft with Surface!
Free Minecraft with Azure Server Rental!
Bought Master Chief Collection? Free Minecraft!
Get a free copy of Minecraft with Microsoft toilet paper!

dillhole1537d ago

Minecraft Halo Edition
Lego Minecraft
Minecraft Star Wars

gangsta_red1537d ago

So basically business as usual since Minecraft is on everything already.

DeadRabbits1537d ago

Mincroaft XBONE Part Deux

AlphaBlackWolf961537d ago

I lost it at the toilet paper.

IcicleTrepan1537d ago


There already is lego minecraft

SilentNegotiator1537d ago

Free? After all of the money that they spent? Doubtful.

dillhole1537d ago

@IcicleTrepan Oh yeah! I meant the other way round though - like Lego Batman etc.

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Robochobo1537d ago

Congratulations to both Mojang and Microsoft. Hopefully we see interesting things from Mojang in the future, and continued support for all versions of Minecraft as well.

qwerty6761537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

curious to see what they do with it

minecraft 2 in the near future? making it xbox and pc exclusive for limited time would certainly move consoles like no tomorrow.

i also expect it to somehow be integrated into their cloud services.

SmokingMonkey1537d ago

So indies are a good thing again? /s

TRD4L1fe1537d ago

To a lot of people they are. I for one don't fancy indies.

SmokingMonkey1537d ago

I like indies, for the record.

No Man's Sky for instance or Sound and Shapes!

I made a Metroid level in Sound & Shapes that is amazing! search:


I was just poking fun at the people who say things like;


ThatArtGuy1537d ago

A good game is a good game, regardless of whether it is indie or AAA. The same goes for bad games.

rainslacker1537d ago

Technically...Majang isn't indie anymore...

Kribwalker1537d ago

Some indies are good, but it's seeming like more and more are just sidescrolling games from the late 80s early 90s and only few actually are being creative

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luis_spartano1537d ago

R.I.P Mojang. Microsoft will kill you, just like it killed Rare, Twisted Pixel and other studios.

Mikefizzled1537d ago

Twisted Pixel made one bad game and because of it they are dead?

NegativeCreep4271537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Anti-Sony fanboys (not necessarily you Mikefizzled) are proclaiming the same for Evolution studios. So what? Am I witness to another Double-Standard?

Mikefizzled1537d ago

Kind of different though. Evo is a much bigger team who delivered a product a year late to pretty weak reception. I don't know enough about game financials but I'd would be surprised if they are making money on Driveclub. Twisted Pixel are making smaller uncommon games whereas Sony have 2 driving centric studios one of which is, in my opinion, a world class studio. Hint, It Polyphony Digital not Evo.

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