Square Enix Profits More Than Double Year-Over-Year

Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy's latest earnings report shows year-over-year gains for revenue and profit.

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vishmarx1532d ago

and somehow it means more externally funded western games and even lesser console jrpgs.

(its all in their report, go see for yourself)

jc485731531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

and somehow it means Tomb Raider being exclusive on XONE because they obviously lied about being unimpressed with the sales of the reboot.

joab7771531d ago

Yeah, it is funny how at one time selling millions was underwhelming but bow exclusivity is fine. You know what that means? MS bought 2 million copies worth.

DiscoKid1532d ago

This is why Square-Enix won't go back to roots. Their current formula is more than profitable. And if FFXV turns out to be a hit, the harvest will be even greater.

I still miss turn-based Final Fantasy games like 9 and 10.

Qrphe1531d ago

When their profits were low a few years ago many were saying SE needed to go back to its roots in order to make profit; I find it ironic. While you have games that are trying new things like FFXIV and FFXV you also have games that bring back the old such as Bravely Default. Let's be honest,to some, SE will never be good again no matter what they do.

DiscoKid1531d ago

We are living in a gaming generation where next-gen graphics and open world exploration are quintessential facets. Square-Enix is catering to that newgen mindset and it's benefiting them. I don't favor the route they've taken, but they are a company and companies make money.

joab7771531d ago

You see though that when Nintendo made Bravely Default and released ot to critical acclaim, Square realized that a market still exists and quickly jumped on the sequel.

That along with Ni No Kuni should be enough to know that if they made a really good jrpg, it would sell well. Lost Odyssey 2 would be amazing and sell well. But instead they feel like they have to go western. With the likes of Dragon Age and The Witcher 3, they better come big b/c it's a lot easier to compete against other jrpgs imho.

slasaru011531d ago

You have to understand: There's no returning to turn based jrpgs. At least for major devs / publishers

DiscoKid1531d ago

What is it that I have to understand that I didn't just say?

rainslacker1530d ago

There was a time when SE said they wouldn't release anything that wasn't FF related. Oddly enough, it's about the time that their money problems started(as a merged company). They kind of saturated the market with FF, and milked the franchise into being less profitable than it used to be.

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CerealKiller1531d ago

Of course, they got all that Microsoft $$$$$$$$$!

No_Limit1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Nothing wrong with that.

Like former WWE heel Ted DiBiase once said:
"Everybody's got a price for the Million Dollar Man"

[Hahahahaha!!! ...evil laugh]

Snookies121531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Well, there is something wrong with it, if it's an already established franchise on other platforms as well. I would have been fine with it, if they'd funded the first Tomb Raider reboot, and not the sequel to an already multi-plaform game.

As for SE's profits, I really hope they don't continue down the phone/tablet gaming route. It's very disheartening as someone who wants full console experiences to keep seeing them make phone games with known franchises that would have been so much better as a console or even a dedicated handheld experience.

No_Limit1531d ago


The thing you got to remember is this has been going on for ages since the early days of gaming. The original Street Fighter was made exclusive for the SNES and Genesis owners were left out cold. Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy were made PS One exclusives. Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Zero and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes were made exclusive for the Gamecube. Shoot, even the dying Sega Saturn managed to get a Resident Evil game (RE Veronica) as an exclusive. GTA3 and Metal Gear Solid were secured exclusives by Sony for the PS2. For the original xbox, Dead or Alive 3 and Ninja Gaiden were made exclusives on that console.

So this is nothing new, big franchise were made exclusives for consoles due to business wheeling and dealing since the beginning of time. It just got magnified more this time due to the fact that it is from MS and we live in an age of social media. I am pretty sure Sony will have its own big third party exclusive as well in the future.

AndrewLB1531d ago

You have proof of that? The facts are, Square Enix got rid of Sony earlier in the year and now don't have that drag on their company.

danny8181531d ago

I enjoyed time raider but Lara got smack around like crazy and I got tired of being on that island all the time lol

plmkoh1531d ago

They failed to meet expected net income by 6%, they're still in trouble.

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