Halo 2 and the Greatest Multiplayer of All Time Are Back

There's no denying that Halo 2 set the bar for multiplayer FPS on a console when it was released. Since then it's formula has been mimicked and tinkered with by almost every other console FPS on the market. You have to give respect where it's due and the multiplayer that started it all still stands tall.

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monkeyDzoro1531d ago

The greatest ?! Yeah... Too much hyperbole here.

Septic1531d ago

Yeah but definitely one of the greatest.

Halo 2 set a standard for all other games to follow. It showed the world how to do competitive FPS MP on consoles. Not many can lay claim to that ;)

marlinfan101531d ago

I agree with it. What multiplayer would you consider better?

ricochetmg1531d ago

I liked halo one multiplayer over two

WeAreLegion1531d ago

I agree, but this was a bad place to voice that opinion, man. Haha. Halo 2 introduced a great number of people to both online multi-player and the FPS genre. So, everyone loves it.

ic3fir31531d ago

Halo 2 is a 2004 game, that revolutionized the multiplayer on consoles and even PC

you must not know the importance that was Halo 2, maybe because at that time did not know what a multiplayer game

spicelicka1531d ago

Well most people know there's no such thing as greatest of all time. It's all an accumulation of opinions. People how haven't play halo 2 much, and had their best moments in another game will say that's the greatest of all time.

It's really nothing that should be argued because it turns into a fanboy war. Everyone is biased, myself included.

That being said, it's easily one of the greatest multiplayer games of all time. Definitely the greatest for me. The amount of fun times I've had with this game, I can't describe.

shloobmm31531d ago

Not only did Halo2 pit you against players of equal skill but it also introduced the match making system that is used in 99% of games today.

3-4-51531d ago

Greatest.....ehh probably not, but it's up there in terms of how fun an experience it was, when it as at it's peak.

* I thought Crimson Skies was a better Multiplayer game as a whole, and there still has been nothing like it, but for Xbox I'd say Crimson Skies #1 & Halo2 = #2

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DarthZoolu1531d ago

Yeah it's refreshing. No quick scope, no BS, just skill and tactics.

Foehammer1531d ago

The return of the KING

All hail TMCC

Godz Kastro1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


2cents1531d ago

its time to:

Start the fight,

Continue the fight,

Finish the fight,

err... start the fight AGAIN!!!

Woo Hoo!!!

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