To Be Ignorant Of #GamerGate Is To Be Part Of The Problem

EGMR writes: "We’ve largely refrained from taking any sides or pushing any particular position on the #gamergate saga, because it’s generally been pretty extreme and we didn’t want to repeat any damage done by other media or individuals in getting the wrong message out there. We’ve discussed it here and there from various angles, but we haven’t pushed any agendas. Earlier today Sledgehammer Games added something to the whole misogyny in gaming debate, which is still a pretty hot topic in the industry right now, so clearly the matter of #gamergate, its apparent misrepresentation in mainstream media and its effects on our gaming is still a very serious and very relevant issue. To that end I felt that when I eventually got down to discussing #gamergate, I wanted to do so with as much fairness as possible and without perpetuating any wrongful messaging or contributing to the harm caused to what many say are the original and true intentions of the banner."

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GreenRanger1534d ago

There's a big difference between ignorance and just not giving a crap.

Tody_ZA1534d ago

This was mentioned in the article. If you don't care, that's absolutely your right, as long as you're not adding harm or anything destructive to the situation :)

GreenRanger1534d ago

All I'm saying is that sometimes the sideline is the best place to be, especially in this crazy industry.

I mean, when this blows over, somebody else will pop out of the woodwork to cause another round of controversy.

Hat wearers will probably feel misrepresented in games, or something.

Spotie1534d ago

As it pertains to the ends result, not so much.

Knowing someone is trouble and not helping them is actually worse than not knowing.

Hell, active inaction is almost always worse than being ignorantly idle.