GTA5 On PS4/Xbox One Is No Ordinary Remaster, Improved Draw Distance Reveals Hidden Graphical Detail

Rockstar have been on a roll recently with Grand Theft Auto 5. Not only did they confirmed that the PS4 version will run at 1080p on but they also added an awesome first person view to the upcoming remaster.

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2cents1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

But... it is still a remaster.

No matter how you package it Rockstar, this is not a next gen GTA. More a 1.5 than 2.0 :)

One thing I am very happy about though is that I totally skipped this on last gen as I had my suspicions that they would do something like this. Glad that hunch paid off.

Happy days!!!

Edit: Also just a nitpick but why has the title mentioned Xbox one and PS4 but then in the article they only confirm that the PS4 is 1080p when Im sure that R* has already said that both are. Correct me if I'm wrong. Stealth Trolling hehe.

hardeepmeghera1536d ago

Yep, didnt get to play GTA 5 either on last gen so kinda pumped up to give this a go. Last gta game i played was San Andreas on the ps2. Damn its been a while.

ABBAJESUS1536d ago

I have not played it either. :) GTA 4: Ballad of gay Tony was my last GTA game

medman1536d ago

I didn't play it last gen either, hoping for ps4 version, much as I waited for Tomb Raider to come to current gen. I am going to fully enjoy much. GTA and Far Cry should keep me pretty busy til Bloodborne, The Order, and The Witcher 3 in February.

lipton1011535d ago

When you do play it, prepare to be amazed.

Jaqen_Hghar1536d ago

A man played it but sold his version once they announced the next gen version and very few had heard about it. Got $40 for it so no big loss especially considering all the milage he got out of the last gen version. Though the share button will be a welcome edition considering just how many freaky moments he had during cop chases or just funny falls lol


Your a smart man!! Did the same😄

steve30x1535d ago

WHich man are you talking about?

DeadRabbits1536d ago

Such a deceitful move by Rockstar to release this game on PS3 before they even confirmed a PS4 version. How they are marketing it is shameful considering the mess with was GTA Online and how the game will feel exactly the same once the wow factor wares off.
Ill wait for 2 years and pick up the PC version cheap for the mods. They are not getting paid the for the same game twice!

ABBAJESUS1536d ago

I understand what you are trying to say.. but this is business and they have done some big chances to the graphics and they also added 1st person view. Maybe 20%-40% discount for players who already owned the game on PS3/X360 would have been nice hand shake.

jdaboss1536d ago Show
Greyfoxdbz1536d ago

The article actually never said it wasn't a remaster, only that it wasn't an ordinary one. I think we can all agree though that it is worthy of current gen consoles, it looks amazing.

PersonMan1536d ago

How do you know it's a remaster? How do you know they haven't been working on the next-gen version since before the old-gen version even came out?

I'm sure they didn't start porting it to the new consoles just last year.

2cents1536d ago

Just like watchdogs hey :)

I'm really not trying to hate, I have looked at the vids an all and it ain't no slouch. But it also does not look to be a dedicated next gen effort. More an 1.5 as I mentioned :)
Can you imagine what their next offering is going to look like when they don't need to worry about building up from old tech but starting anew!

This is going to be epic for me as I haven't played it yet. First time in the history of GTA I didn't buy on release day! It was hard to save for a hunch.

Ultimately this is the best thing that could have happened for GTA 5 on new gen hardware. They have done well with all the effort they have put in.

Happy Gaming!

1536d ago
joydestroy1536d ago

i really REALLY hope that they do snow again around xmas. one of my favorite memories about last year was playing this game with the snow. for whatever reason it really put me in the xmas spirit.


Nothing say xmas like killing hoes, robbing banks and trolling the online with a tank!

Svinya1536d ago

I'm going to rage at my tv and ask for a refund or a patch if the helicopters still wobble like drunk elephants.

NerdStalker1535d ago

Glad somebody has the guts to tell the truth, this is a re master, i'm sure it's a very good one but it's still the same game as last year which was amazing but still. I suppose if there was dlc included with a whole new storyline that would make it worthy but there's not so far.

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iNFAMOUZ11536d ago

I cant wait to play it, been wanting this so much

Angrymorgan1536d ago

Id like to read the article, hower this site on mobile is just a mash up of ads!
If your on a phone, I wouldn't bother looking

loganbdh1536d ago

I hate the word remaster.

Games that have been ported over the years were not remasters before, but thanks to the Internet they are all considered as the same (WHICH IS TO ME REMASTER IS A NEGATIVE WORD).... just face the facts it's a port with a new visual effects, broader dynamic lighting, new textures, better level of detail, higher resolution and new features.

Around 10 years ago, grand theft auto vice city came out for the PlayStation 2. Two years later vice city is ported over to the Xbox with new visual updates, broader lighting, new textures, and higher resolution and was praised by fans being a great port to the next system. I easily spent $120 for Grand Theft Auto and I was and was happy to do it again. when this new version releases, I plan to buy the p4 version and the pc version totaling my costs to over 200 dollars in grand theft auto in within 2 years...

I love Grand Theft Auto and in retrospect the most recent "remasters" that came out recently. I love the last of us the upcoming Resident Evil 1 HD the upcoming Kingdom Hearts, Dead or alive 5, the master chief collection. All of these games are goty for me...

KwietStorm1536d ago

"just face the facts it's a port with a new visual effects, broader dynamic lighting, new textures, better level of detail, higher resolution and new features."

Lmao what the hell do you think a remaster is? You just defined it down to every detail. A port is just a port. If you've looked at the actual comparisons though, it's not just up-res with GTA. They actually added am entire list of things not available/possible last gen, including playing the entire game in first person. That, is a remaster, not a port.

loganbdh1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I don't think you got my point and I'm also well aware to what a remaster is. Without googling can you tell me where the term came from for the gaming community?

SuperBlur1536d ago

its not just a simple a port. a simple port would mean that it would look identical to the old gen.
What new features did the xbox had over the ps2 version ?
Ps2 to Xbox difference was hardly noticeable imo.

ovnipc1536d ago

Its 1080p on xbox one too. It was confirmed by R*

hello121536d ago

Why are you getting disagrees for stating the truth? Rockstatr confirmed its 1080p 30 frames on x box 1. Some people posting at n4g are just not right at all are they!

No_Limit1536d ago

Because some people can't stand parity. One has to be 1080p and one must be 900p. S/

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