Trailer showing LEGO Halo 2

LEGO is hot. After the first LEGO Star Wars game on the original Xbox, also the second part on Xbox 360 sold pretty well. This might inspire other developers to develop more LEGO games. Imagine a LEGO version of Halo 2, how would it look like?

Check out this trailer if you want to know.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4345d ago

Cool ! How about a Lego game where you get to design the weapons, spaceships, boats etc etc ... now I'd buy that for a dollar .

beans4344d ago

Now that was just hilarious!

BlackCountryBob4344d ago

That's really good but I gotta say, the geezer who made that has way too much spare time!

original seed4344d ago

Nex-Gen lego games should look similar to this and not like the crap they've been shoving out.

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