War Thunder Hits Linux

VRFocus - Linux users have reason to celebrate today as virtual reality (VR) compatible online combat title War Thunder has arrived on the operating system. As with the PC, Mac and PlayStation 4 versions of the title, it's free to download on the new platform. It should also feature full support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) as it does on PC and Mac. The title is only supported on 64-bit systems. It arrives as version 1.43, which was integrated recently.

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MysticStrummer1536d ago

I've been playing this a lot since I got my PS4. Very cool, though they need to rethink how they ease new players into the game. The menu alone is fairly intimidating, then jumping into an online battle and being shredded makes it even more so.

Qrphe1536d ago

Nah, streamlining games was the downfall of last generation. Players interested enough in the game will dedicate time to learn how the game works.

MysticStrummer1535d ago

I didn't say anything about streamlining the game.