Five PS3 Games to Watch For at E3 2008

PS3 Informer lists the five PS3 games they are most excited about at E3, as well as the questions they would like to ask developers. No, Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 are not on the list.

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Jamie Foxx5831d ago (Edited 5831d ago )

no doubt fallout will be great,assassins needs alt of work but those are mu;ti-plat titles wouldnt it have been better to make the list exclusive titles?who writes these sh!te articles

clinker5831d ago

At least the list doesn't have the predictable Sony exclusive titles on there. I am so sick of hearing about Killzone 2 it's not even funny.

NO_PUDding5831d ago

I wouldn't be sick of Killzone2 if they actually showed something new.

My list for top 5 titles I'd like to see or hear about at E3 in order of importance.

2.L.A Noire
3.Rockstar PS3 exclusive
4.Heavy Rain
5.Driver 5

juuken5831d ago

Exactly! I'm pumped for God of War III.

ATLRoAcH5831d ago

Yeah, I'm curious about that Rockstar exclusive. I just don't know what it could be. I wonder if there is a Red Dead Revolver sequel in the works. I don't think that is the exclusive I'm just wondering if it will ever happen.

fishd5831d ago (Edited 5831d ago )

It was a totally meh list!

And one more thing,HEAVY RAIN will shut alot of mouths,Ahhhhh I love to see idiots stop babbling about PS3's hardware.E3 IS CLOSE:)

sunnygrg5831d ago

True, we've been getting lots of Killzone 2 in Game Events such as this, but it is a strategic decision on Sony's part to build up the hype, and yes, since the footage kicks a$$, who the hell is complaining? I am just sad that my FFXIII is getting no attention at all, lost in the shadows. Square Enix needs to speak up, please.

kingOVsticks5831d ago (Edited 5831d ago )

FF13? new ico game? sony secret game? GOW 3? hello anyone? Either these guys are very forgetful, or straight up posers...assassin creed is not even on my radar until recently and if there naming multi plat's RESIDENT EVIL 5!!?

fenderputty5831d ago

I don't think I would ever really be sick of KZ2 info. I would still like to see some info regarding the multi-player aspects of the game though.

Doppy5831d ago

I don't think we need to see anything new from Killzone 2 unless it's something new or innovative for the FPS genre.

damrightfresh5831d ago

White Knight
Resistance 2
Heavy Rain
Team ICO
Twisted Metal
Killzone 2
Finaly Fantasy VIII and Versus
War Devil
God of War 3

thePatriot5831d ago (Edited 5831d ago )

1 god of war
2 next ICO game
3 socom 4 or confrontations
4 final fantasy
5 twisted metal
6 heavy rain
7 little big planet
8 white knight story
there. fixed

edit. wrote my coment before reading some of the others. I got beat quick but glad to see good taste. unlike whoever made this list.

kazuma5830d ago (Edited 5830d ago )

bring the rain!

also sony has a LOT more stuff they could show at e3 that list is just silly

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clinker5831d ago

Lol nobody cares about Socom except for Socom fans

Condoleezza Rice5831d ago

6 Million Plus copies of Socom Games are little,know what I mean.

hack64645831d ago

I've never played any previous socom games, and I care. Nice trolling btw.

The Wood5831d ago (Edited 5831d ago )

me too and agreed

his mind reading skills match that of Patchers prediction skills

Nitrowolf25831d ago

@ 3.2
i to never played any of them. but looking at that new socom game im might just get it

clinker5831d ago

Alright, I stand corrected! I will go and look up Socom now just to see what all the fuss is about.

NO_PUDding5831d ago

Oh, don't do it on our account.

Confrontation isn't worth my time, but the next Socom (Socom 4) will most definately be a certain buy.

OMGLOLZ5831d ago

However, this new one has me pretty excited...

I don't think you are correct in your assumptions...

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monks5831d ago

i am personally looking for something on White Knight Chronicles would be nice they have been very quite

Condoleezza Rice5831d ago

I can't wait for Level-5s beautiful RPG to steal the show,be it E3 or TGS!

fenderputty5831d ago

There's a lot of material I want to see at this E3.

Anyone heard anything more of War Devil? That would be a cool showing as well.