Nintendo Won’t Release The Successor To Wii U Until Developers Max Out Existing Console

"With Wii U sales picking up since the release of Mario Kart 8 you’d think it would be a while until we’re greeted with an announcement related to the successor of the console. However, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says the company is always thinking about what’s next, but concedes that they won’t introduce anything until they feel they’ve exploited the Wii U to its full potential. Fils-Aime points to Miyamoto’s work with Project Guard as just one experiment that they’re working on with the console."

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Neonridr1537d ago

No surprise there. We won't see anything for quite some time. The Wii U still has tons of games in the pipeline that have to be realized first.

3-4-51537d ago

* 2016 E3 = Nintendo Handheld announcement

* 2017 E3 = Nintendo Console announcement.

* 2018 = New Nintendo Handheld

* 2019 = New Nintendo Console.

I could also see them being released in 2017/2018 as well ( a year earlier than mentioned above)

herbs1537d ago

An article about Wii U hardware. Expect some losers with no lives to claim its weaker than PS3 360 below...

RG_Dubz1537d ago

Late 2016 at the very earliest but the next Nintendo will be in the same spot the Wii-U is (last-Gen hardware, current-Gen price point) when it comes out, with the actual next-Gen console (XBox/PS) releasing late 2018, the longer they take the worse it will be, people will hold out for a next-Gen console over purchasing a current-Gen console again.. With the exception of 9 year old Japanese girls.

Concertoine1537d ago

They wouldnt be stupid enough to release a console without a solid launch line up. That cant be done by 2016.

Also i cant see the PS5 and Xbox 2 coming out that early. Im thinking more like 2019 or 2020.

FlyingFoxy1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

The problem with releasing too early is hardware specs, they need to watch they don't release too closely to the other companies next consoles. If Nintendo release a new console only 1-2 years before MS and Sony and say this console is the power of PS4, then they will end up in a spot where 3rd party support will be largely ignored again.

They probably won't take the route of a lot more powerful than PS4 either because that will increase costs.. not sure how they are going to handle it.

I doubt they could release a machine that has specs on par with the rivals and bring it out much earlier.

Too bad they don't want to pull any "N64 magic" on us anymore.

Concertoine1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )


I think people give the N64 too much nostaligia-infused credit. Its late launch and cartridge format can be seen as the root of the company's issues today. Not that its a bad system, but the N64, gamecube, and now Wii U are all very similar. Mainly the N64 and Wii U.

The Wii U basically is the N64 in that it is a platform devoid of many games, but the games it does have define the generation. Bayonetta 2 is one of those games, and i can easily see Zelda U being the best zelda since OoT. Also Xenoblade looks awesome, as does Smash.

DarthZoolu1537d ago

A link to the Past is the best Zelda imo.

RG_Dubz1537d ago

With the advancements being made in tablets and phone hardware at such a fast pace, SONY and MS will not have mobile gaming outpowering consoles.. I guarantee a Q4 2018 launch to avoid just such a scenario.

They wouldn't be stupid enough to launch a console without a strong lineup? The Wii U says Hello.. You can't even argue that the Wii U didn't have a weak launch lineup, to this day it's still very lacking.

Neonridr1537d ago

Pretty sure no console has ever had the launch lineup the Wii U had. Yes a fair amount of the games were ports of games that had released in the past year prior to the Wii U's arrival. But that doesn't change the fact that the sheer number of AAA games available at launch was quite a lot. What did the PS4 have at launch in terms of AAA games? Killzone?

Just because there wasn't a Mario or Zelda at launch doesn't mean it was weak by any standards.

Hell, when the N64 launched there was 3 games available. People seem to forget that because 1 of the 3 games was Super Mario 64 which will go down in history as one of the greatest video games ever.

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L0YD1537d ago

It's already maxed out, the console can't handle PS3/360 ports well.

Chrischi19881537d ago

Yeah, it definitely has nothing to do with the system working completely different than old gen. Man, if you take it that way, non of the new consoles will handle old gen ports too well.

andrewer1537d ago

For Nintendo "max out" doesn't mean only graphics, but it's overall potential. After all, Nintendo stuff indeed doesn't have a strong hardware, but just compare PS Vita (9M sold) and 3DS (45.7M sold). Clearly hardware isn't all there's to it.
And btw, PS4 and Xbox One aren't that great as well. Can't even handle all games [email protected] (what people expected at the beginning). They were just released and people are already complaining about games being 900p or 30fps or both. This generation is going to be troublesome.

VenturaDres1537d ago

You're talking about different architectures here - has nothing to do with power.

Nevers0ft1537d ago

Don't use-up all of your stupid in one post. Spread it around a little.

deafdani1537d ago

Bubbled up for funny. I'll make sure to steal that joke to use it appropiately sometime in the future! XD

mikel10151537d ago

Obviously the PS4 is maxed out because the Amazing Spiderman 2 game is only 1080p 30fps right?

GordonKnight1537d ago

Have you played the Bayonetta port on thge Wii U. It's the best port so far and the best version of Bayonetta.

DoggyBiscuit1537d ago

LOYD u a troll for that comment, just cause 3rd party developers are too lazy to give Wii U owners a decent port doesn't mean they max out the hardware, just look at Bayo2 and MK8 for example PS360 can't produce those graphics

Kumomeme1535d ago

it just lazy port from lazy publisher,genius

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Gamer4life8881537d ago

Well Zelda WIIU might just be THAT one game...

The_Blue1537d ago

Nintendo is just making excuses. They really mean it won't be another console until they finish their popular franchise instalments to the Wii U.

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