Advanced Warfare Gets Dedicated Server Petition Amidst Growing Complaints

Gamers are up in arms for Advanced Warfare's lack of dedicated servers, and they have already created a thriving petition to change this.

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qwerty6761539d ago

i dont blame them

its ridiculous activation didn't do this on such a huge game.

Imp0ssibl31539d ago

To me it's even worse that they lied before release.

nX1539d ago

The biggest gaming franchise on the world should at least have proper server support. Just like games like FIFA, Battlefield or GTA:Online, they are money-printing platforms for these publishers.

Cream1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

if they lied... we should be able to return it for false advertisement.

Soon there will be a class action law suit against one of these titles since you cant return games.

it should be "Drive Club" buyers but I would be happy if its COD that gets nailed by False Advertisement.

This would be a huge win for gamers!

Multiplatguy1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

It's even more ridiculous that they chose not to use the free dedicated servers that Xbox offers.. It costs them nothing.

bleedsoe9mm1539d ago

sony would have been mad #xb1parity

turdburgler10801539d ago


It would be nice if they used azure but Devs don't want to spend the extra money coding for two sets of networks. Also I may be wrong but I think they have to be xbox exclusive games to get azure use.

Kleptic1538d ago

^yeah there is a lot of information on XBL's servers that never seems to get clarified...

Respawn talked about the system with Titanfall, before release implying they were using them...then when asked 'what about the 360 and PC versions', they kind of side stepped it and said everything was using EA's networking landscape...

BF4 same thing, doesn't use any of MS's internal server bank...

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hiredhelp1539d ago

How many here commented but not yet voted? Well here ya go power is to the people.

Alexious1539d ago

They usually don't change a lot, but I want to believe this time.

Patrick_pk441539d ago

The most successful petition was for The Division, I believe. They are usually not successful, but if many people sign a petition, it can.

Cream1538d ago

vote with your Wallet.
Don't buy the new maps.

kaiserfranz1539d ago

It's a shame, no doubt. With all that money, they could do something to improve issues like this one...

Eonjay1539d ago

Maybe they spent it all buying ad space on IGN?

Cream1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

You should of gave me the Heads Up.
Wish I didn't buy it.

How does someone Disagree with you?
Are you not Glad that you didn't buy it.
How would they know... lol.

TransientDreamer1539d ago

Are gamers going to fight this futile battle ever year? How about you not buy the game next time and speak with your wallet?

Testfire1539d ago

They're weak willed sheeple. And I'm not dissing the actual game. Just the people that complain and swear every year that they won't buy another COD but eventually do.

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The story is too old to be commented.