Reggie Says He Would Love Call Of Duty And Other Blockbuster IP’s On Wii U

"We all know that a fair few franchises are skipping the Wii U, but Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime would love to eventually see them on the console. Fils-Aime still believes that third-party developers are supporting the console and cites Watch Dogs as an example of this. However, Reggie says Nintendo has the strongest exclusive content that can’t be found on other platforms and that’s what makes the Wii U different from other consoles."

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Concertoine2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Did he really just cite Watch Dogs as an example of third party support? That's a good one, Reggie. Y...You were joking right?

Also i though Iwata took over as president of NOA

dark-kyon2951d ago

Is obvius what watchdogs in wii u is a contract thing between nintendo and ubisoft in the begin of the gen,ubisoft don't care if the game sell,they only want to put out the game and jump ship definitely.

Abash2951d ago

Reggie ruined it, he pointed out how Black Ops II looked so "dramatically better" on Wii U that Activision had no choice but to stop making Call of Duty games for the Wii U not to make their other versions look so terrible in comparison.

At least that's how Reggie sees it

Concertoine2951d ago


Shouldn't have read that while drinking water.

BiggerBoss2951d ago

@abash, my body wasnt ready for that lol

DeadRabbits2951d ago

What Reggie Wants and What Reggie Gets are two separate things!

Chrischi19882951d ago

I believe Iwata is CEO of NOA, but not president. At least I think it is this way.

turdburgler10802951d ago

Why does this guy still work for nintendo? He just seems like a bumbling bafoon with a $#!÷ eating grin. Nintendo can do better then this guy.

slivery2951d ago

Can someone tell me where Abash got that quote? I mean trust me, it wouldn't surprise with the moronic things Reggie has said in the past that he did say that, but I can't find anything related to what Abash is saying?

Maybe I'm not looking in the right place, so could someone kindly point me in the direction of this quote?

Concertoine2951d ago

I think he's just imitating what Reggie would say. It makes no sense for Reggie to say that since Ghosts came to Wii U

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Imp0ssibl32951d ago

Maybe they should create a powerful enough console to develop these games on.

dark-kyon2951d ago

nah,the problem is what nintendo and big budget westerns games don't compute,when nintendo began to stop doing first party games how golden eye,serius sport games and go full family friendly they give the mature audience in a silver plate to microsoft and sony,now the thirds party have more what enought with ps,xbox and pc.

BiggerBoss2951d ago

I somewhat agree, but if the games can release on Ps3 and 360, then the Wii U is definitely powerful enough to run them

Hipp02951d ago

He's right in that their exclusive content is the strongest, many Wii U titles are rated higher than exclusives on Xbox One or PS4. (Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8)

The Wii U is lacking because it doesn't have the big blockbuster titles. Unfortunately, that's what makes it lose out to the other two consoles.

If most releases came out on the Wii U as well, it would be a whole different ball game.

SteamPowered2951d ago

Wii U is still recovering from tripping over the start line. It was a huge marketing disaster and it shipped with a very limited selection of games. Now that the damage is done, Nintendo really needs to work and bring focus back to their little unit. 3rd party abandonment would almost be preferable to the laughable support the Wii U gets now.
Nintendo really has to focus on either going full First party, or enter the console arms race to lure 3rd parties back.

Hipp02951d ago

I understand that, given the choice I would rather them focus on first party games than bother with third party titles.

You just don't get the same magic that Nintendo titles give elsewhere.

Utalkin2me2951d ago

So you're comparing titles that recently just released on the WiiU to launch titles of the Xbox1 and PS4? Kind of silly logic if you ask me.

Hipp02951d ago

No - considering some of those titles aren't "recently released" such as Wind Waker, even Super Mario 3D world has been out awhile now.

Also, I'm talking exclusives - not just "launch titles" of the Xbox One and PS4 that are now a year old. They're still releasing exclusive titles for both of them and none of them have really struck me as being ground breaking or amazing.

Utalkin2me2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Well actually TLOU remastered on the Ps4is higher rated then any WiiU game. I know you're talking about exclusives, but it has to be exclusives in the same times frame. Get some WiiU exclusives that was out in the first year, then come and talk. Sony nor MS has exclusives in full swing yet, unlike Nintendo due to it being out way longer.

@down below
He used WWHD and that's why i said TLOU. maybe you need to go look at Metcritic a little better. Heck Towerfall Ascension is rated higher then NSMBU

Concertoine2951d ago

Dude, 3D World, Pikmin 3, and NSMBU were all in year one and still sit in the top ten highest rated next gen exclusives.

If you can count TLOU then i can also count WWHD which was also year one and also sits in the top ten

Thatguy-3102951d ago

Ummm if I'm not mistaken the launch games of the wii u within the first year weren't all that great. If you want to make a fair comparison wait until next year and then bring back the topic.

Utalkin2me2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )


The Last of Us Remastered 95

flower 91

Towerfall Ascension 87

Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn 86

Resogun 86

Average Rating 89
_____________________________ ____________


3D SMW 93

Bayonetta 2 91


MK8 88

Shovel Knight 88

Average 90

Again the original guy said it was the strongest by using highest rated. So if you take the top 5 console exclusives of each platform and average the scores out. We see it is not as strong as the original poster stated.

OldDude2951d ago

I see you count 3 indie games and a PC port for PS4 and 1 indie game from WiiU. FF14 is not exclusive, its been on PC for a while. Drop the indie titles and compare physical copies and its clear who has the higher average score and it isn't PS4.

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Macdaddy712951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

The console is good enough, 1st everyone I know bought the wii got it play with friends, the wii remotes...then wii u they did the Gamepad no one wanted it!!!!! They made the system to make kids games looking Bright n pretty...nintendo did not think they needed the 3rd party games as bad as they do,..
Downfall to nintendo Wii u is the GamePad, yes you can use wii remote, but most moms, dads, n grandparents only see the gamepad...
Think bout would anyone buy the X1 or ps4 if it had a tablet as a controller??? I sure wouldn't same goes for the Wii u..nintendo screwed up what made the Wii so good they should made the gamepad a add on like the Kinect!!!! Look at MS when they forced the Kinect on us at frist no one wanted it there you go!!!

ricochetmg2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Personally I love the gamepad they just dont have games that fit my preferences .

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