Are Ubisoft abandoning Steam UK this Christmas to charge top dollar?

Dealspwn: "Ubisoft have got a big winter release slate lined up, featuring three key titles in The Crew, Far Cry 4, and Assassin's Creed: Unity.

And it seems that none of them will be on Steam here in the UK this Christmas."

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wallis1533d ago

Jesus Christ they can keep trying but they'll only hurt themselves.

SteamPowered1533d ago

Ubisoft is neglecting Steam at its own peril. Personally I don't care for uplay at all and I just cannot see myself ever randomly browsing it's catalogue. Steam is the premier gaming service for Pc. Uplay has a long way to go. I wonder why just the UK? Ubisoft testing the waters of change?

FuzzyPixels1533d ago

Yeah, it's odd that it's UK only. Maybe UK retailers have some arrangements in place with Ubi that kept Steam out? Thing is, people will just find loopholes and hit up key sellers.

And yeah, Uplay is utter arse.

Blues Cowboy1533d ago

For me the real scandal is that they're charging £50 for PC downloads.


You can call it a "limited edition" all you like, but when there's no standard edition available, that's a load of ****.

£50. Oh Ubisoft. You'd better pray that Uplay holds up at launch.

Reefskye1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Origin and Uplay share their games. I noticed on either service you pay an extra £5 for the others game. This is why I don't buy my games off Uplay or Origin I go to G2A or G2play and buy them for either normal price or cheaper, refuse to pay what Origin and Uplay charge.

If I wanted to buy games at console prices I would of bought myself another PS4. They need to stop being greedy and taking the extra cut that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo get for the game being on their console.