GTA V PS4/Xbox One: Tiny But Truly Impressive Features That Everyone Should Be Excited About

Here are some tiny but impressive features in Grand Theft Auto V PS4/Xbox One that everyone should be excited about

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GarrusVakarian1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

One pretty cool detail that the article doesn't mention is that you can now press down on the d-pad to duck under your steering wheel/glove compartment while driving/riding shotgun to avoid incoming fire.

XBLSkull1535d ago

Anyone know how the FPS mode works? Is it a simple button press quick toggle or something you have to go set in game settings or something?

BrianG1535d ago


This is from the article linked within this post about the PS4 controller features added.

"On PS4, you can touch the touchpad to switch modes between first- and third-person. There will be a few options to control when the game's in first-person and when it switches back to third - you can have it so that shooting is in first-person but it snaps back to third-person when you're in cover, for instance."

I imagine it will be a button press/hold for Xbox One.

HaydenJameSmith1536d ago

That's awesome, man I can't believe how much detail that they've gone into in remastering this game...

DukeOfStilwater1536d ago

Damn, now that's a REAL useful feature right there!

medman1536d ago

@lukas japonicus
Nah...I prefer to deflect the bullets with my forehead.

kingfetish171535d ago

On topic: I'm getting the PS4 version just for the "tiny" DS4 speaker, touchpad, & lightbar features alone.

Rodney251535d ago

I love R* they're all about small details that really bring it home on how much that care about their game.

lipton1011535d ago

I truly fucking love rockstar. I always play 1st person in driving games but was sorely dissapointed in watchdogs where every dash looked the same no matter the car.

FrankTheRabbit1535d ago

Holy shit are you serious!?!?!? This is my 1st time hearing of this!

Svinya1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Are the helicopters still going to wobble all over the place or did they finally fix it?? It's ridiculous. Love the gane. Hate the helis. Even real ones don't do that, and I have flown one..

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Neonridr1536d ago

Man, I totally skipped this game on my 360 - just couldn't get myself into it for some reason.

But I am actually looking forward to picking this up for my PS4. The sheer amount of stuff you can do in this game is mind blowing.

byronimus1536d ago


the stuff you could do before was mind blowing. I just can't believe you couldn't get into it I really feel sorry for you. Shiny new graphics and first person mode are good, but the story is going to still be as amazing as before

Neonridr1536d ago

Yeah, I dunno what it was. I played a few hours of GTA IV and I just could never really get into the game. So I think that kind of turned me away from the franchise.

Just the wrong time I guess.. but now I am definitely excited to experience it all for the first time. ;)

cell9891536d ago

The story was good, but could have been better. It needed a little more heart and a little more emotion

Bobby Kotex1535d ago

@Neonridr I wasn't a huge fan of GTA4 either, but for some reason GTA5 ended up being one of my favorite games. It's worth a try. I'm even tempted to even buy it again.

MysticStrummer1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

The story was a weak point of GTA5 imo.

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MrChicagoWind1536d ago

I did the same with GTA IV. I think it was the dark tone, and I was still used to the sunny and upbeat vibe of San Andreas on PS2. I felt right back at home with GTA V tho. The color palette, the humor, the tight mechanics... It's an amazing game that's about to get even more amazing.

thricetold1535d ago

Yep, I really wanted to like gta4, but it never grew on me. Hated niko and his bothersome cousin. The driving was too heavy for my liking, felt like boats on ice. It just wasn't fun.

First time I played gta5 I knew the magic was back, with more still to come!

DukeOfStilwater1536d ago

The only thing you'll be missing out on are the rewards/perks for returning players, such as the Dodo plane, the car inspired by Mad Max "Duke O'Death" and several other nifty things, but the game has enough as it is so it's DEFINITELY worth the next gen/PC purchase even without the loyalty bells and whistles.

WeAreLegion1536d ago

GTA V is a much different beast. So much better than IV. This is the first GTA I've actually enjoyed, oddly enough.

FlyingFoxy1536d ago

It's kinda like GTA 3, i never really liked it. Cars and stuff had poor acceleration along with the mute character. Though IV is better than 3 no doubt.

San Andreas and VC along with the story games were massively more fun than 3, i wouldn't say IV is a terrible game but it could've done with being more fun like most of the games before it.


I felt the same way with GTAIV, But GTA V is sooooo much better to me!

ramiuk11536d ago

i sold the game at about 50% complete because i couldnt get into it,with kids about etc but i want it now its on ps4.

mediate-this1536d ago

I couldn't get into gta 4, but gta 5 was great Def double dipping

Perjoss1536d ago

I stopped playing on the 360 after about 5 hours because of how good it was, i wanted to fully enjoy it on PC instead, but PS4 version looks too good to miss and i'm kind of tired of waiting for the PC version anyway.

Kidmyst1536d ago

I left GTA IV half way through but played the hell out of V and getting it again pn PS4. Switching characters was a really nice addition. Sometimes leaving Trevor for a while then swithching to him was commical. Never know what you will see LOL

wannabe gamer1535d ago

if you couldnt get into a game this amazing before then im not sure all this new stuff is going to do anything for you. the game at its core is still the same game. I mean all this new stuff is awesome and gets me pumped to experience the whole game again but i just cant imagine it making a huge difference for someone that somehow couldnt get into it before.

Neonridr1535d ago

I couldn't get into GTA IV, so I skipped V. Had nothing to do with GTA V at all... just bad timing when the game came out I guess. Busy with other stuff.

wannabe gamer1535d ago

4 wasnt all. pretty much the same for its time

rivencleft1535d ago

I was disappointed by GTA 4, waited in line at Gamestop to get my copy at midnight after working a 12 hour shift that night, got home super excited to play it and just never cared for it since I first popped it in. Of course I played/beat it and have both DLC (never played them) but still never truly liked it like I have all the previous GTA games since GTA 1. GTA 5 though was friggin awesome, definitely worth the wait at midnight release for that one. Cannot wait to play it again on PS4 in first person mode.

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XanderZane1536d ago

Very good extras that have been added. Still debating whether I should upgrade from my 360 to my XB1 version. I guess it will depend on my wallet since I have other games like Far Cry 4 and Halo: MCC preordered as well.

BigBosss1536d ago

I'm getting Halo MCC also! Add me: xLordAnubis

Perjoss1536d ago

I see you have made the rookie error of reaching the gaming month of november without sufficient financial preperations.

XanderZane1535d ago

Yeah, no kidding. I usually prepare better. I also have a birthday to take care of as well this month, so it makes it even harder to get all the games I want. May have to pass on Far Cry 4. I'm getting Halo: MCC though.

DirtyMagician1536d ago

The dualshock 4 features sound awesome to me. This will be played with the lights off so I can see the light bar flashing when being chase by the police.

MasterCornholio1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I love the fact that they are taking advantage of the DS4.

Are they doing anything with Kinect? Because I can't find anything related to that?

P.S What's up with Trevor? In almost every video he's running around in his underwear.

orakle441536d ago

Have you not played GTAV? Lol, Trevor always finds himself in precarious situations :)

_LarZen_1536d ago

I'm excited to see and play all this in 60fps on a PC. That alone is the biggest game changer.

DukeOfStilwater1536d ago

Or 100+ fps if you're one of those people who loves screen-tearing. I hate it, personally.

neoandrew1536d ago

Just buy better hardware.

DoomeDx1536d ago

Err.. 100+ fps has nothing to with screen tearing.

_LarZen_1535d ago

Then buy a 120/144Hz monitor! Smart ass :)

Feralkitsune1535d ago

You realize there are monitors and TVs that go way higher than 60hz, right?

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Kivespussi1535d ago

And mods. The stuff people did in GTA IV was outstanding... So far it looks like GTA V won't be a terrible port, meaning there's even more potential. Too bad it's only coming next year :(

Oh well, at least I will soon have it on PS4 to keep me entertained until then.