Destiny Review - Duuro

Duuro says:"I am saying it again, Destiny is far from the perfect game. It had quite a few problems that Bungie fixed, but there are still many left to deal with. However the future seems bright, new and improved events like the Iron Banner will return, the loot system might get revamped (again!), and then there is the upcoming The Dark Below DLC which looks great with a new Raid, new missions and new Exotic gear (sweet!). Throughout this review I tried to list every positive and negative, but I might have forgotten one or two from either part. It doesn’t really matter in the end, yes the storytelling sucks and you might argue about “lack of” content, but what is there is f*cking great!

Think of Destiny like wine; the older it gets, the better it gets and for a month and a half old one, Destiny is an exquisite wine!"

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