Players Push for Dedicated Servers in CoD: Advanced Warfare as Lag Continues to Cripple Game

CraveOnline: "Activision and Sledgehammer Games are facing a huge backlash from Call of Duty fans right now, as the lag (or rather lag compensation) many are experiencing in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare continues to cripple the multiplayer component of the game."

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BigBosss1534d ago

I'm always lagging and I expect dedicated servers!

Septic1534d ago

Wait, is this deffo not using dedis??

jackanderson19851534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

someone mentioned it's dedicated for private games and tourneys only, can't remember who but someone said it

@volkama i've it on the X1, lag was awful day "zero" but since then it's gotten steadily better, had a few online games yesterday with no issues... hit recognition is awful though watching kill cams just shows it's terrible

BigBosss1534d ago

That's just plain stupid then, ohh activition why can't you do something right for once

Volkama1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I've seen youtube videos of host migration happening even on the xbox version, so yeah it's all p2p.

Sledgehammer won't get drawn into discussing it or answering questions so far.

You have it, how's the lag been for you?

Septic1534d ago


Yeah I've had instances of B.S that have made me want to fling my controller into someone's face. For the most part its fine but the same old inconsistency is there. Plenty of "wtf why didn't my shots register" moments.

When you play hardcore of course, it gets worse.

Volkama1534d ago

Compare to titanfall. That is the standard they should be delivering...

DivoJones1534d ago

Gameplay lag wasn't terrible yesterday on xb1. But if you stay in room chat and talk in the lobby, it'll slow-mo your voice to half speed.. so we've had to party up to resume normal chat.


Wait...isn't MS offering FREE dedicated servers to all developers??? #NOPARITY

n4rc1534d ago

They are available... But then Activision would need to supply servers for PC and PlayStation on their own dime..

Its not going to happen..

Cream1533d ago

it's just another COD title with out dedicated servers.

CYCLEGAMER1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

EXACTLY!! That's why I said #NOPARITY

Why should my online experience suffer so that there could be parity between all users??

Where are all of the #NOPARITY articles???

If developers are willing to give Sony and PC games a higher resolution, why can't xbox users get their dedicated servers??

nix1533d ago

So it's like Driveclub and GTA5? Broken MP?

badz1491533d ago

Some of you guys here acting like Sony paid AV so they don't use MS own servers! It's totally their own decision why even bring #noparity BS like Sony doesn't have any dedicated servers to begin with?

You guys do know that even RFoM, the launch PS3 title, used dedicated servers to host its massive 20v20 MP, right? Many other PS3 games used deicated servers too. This has nothing to do with Sony but more about AV wanting to put everything under its own. Why do you think Destiny also not using any dedicated servers?

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Marked1534d ago

I would have thought paying for MP access on consoles would have netted dedicated servers. Oooh are the Devil and sony/microsoft and your advocates!

blackout1533d ago

See this is where people need to reflect upon themselves and say WHY DO I CONTINUOUSLY PUT MYSELF THROUGH THIS EVERY YEAR. This is what Activison does, release the game and let the online figure itself out. How do you not support your game the best way possible. It's called being cheap and lazy. F##K C.O.D. This is are new generation of gaming, we deserve a lot more RESPECT, and this is unacceptable. If your unsure about your game and how it runs start a official BETA. Even so these Brain Surgeons will Fuk it up (Destiny)

pompous1534d ago

You'd think after multiple billion dollar sales they would invest some of it to improve the most important aspect of the game..

Baka-akaB1534d ago

Nah i'd think that after year of rehashing exactly the same experience , and only tweaking finally slightly at least the graphics when sales dipped a bit , they know they dont have to do anything , till their customers send a message


I am still not convinced ded servers is going to help.

I mean it may help a little, but as many have pointed out in the past cod games, there is an issue with their network code.

The same stupid lagcomp issues seem to affect gameplay on LAN. If the same issues happen over a lan connection, how is having dedicated servers really going to solve it?

it may help, but I am not sure it's going to be the solution this game needs.

I know sooo many players who have quite Cod over the years with each installment due to LAG. With each game you get a group that leave the game and a new group that come onboard.

The new group just play the game as is and assume that is how it should be all the time so when you say there is a problem they constantly say they don't have any issue it or it's because you suck!

I think if it wasn't for the lag issues I would still be playing a lot more Cod.

They need to go back to how the game played and felt back in the Cod4 days. That was as close to perfect as it needed to be which is why it was loved so much.

solar1534d ago

You never buy an MP game that doesn't have dedicated servers.

Cream1533d ago

I think I will follow your advice.
anyone wants to buy my digital copy off of me?

ramiuk11534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

with the money it makes it should be standard.infact it should be standard period.
p2p gaming has too many issues and although i dont believe i have had any issues with cod on ps4 it sucks that the issue exists .

same with fifa lag,EA should use dedicated improved servers.
but there all too tight and greedy

bleedsoe9mm1534d ago

people aare spoiled after playing titanfall on azure servers . forcing ps4 parity is why they aren't .

Cream1533d ago

I think you nailed it.
never again and there is no way Im going to buy more maps without Dedicated Servers.

user56695101534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Why are yall paying for online again? Why are yall paying for half a game again? Why are yall subscribing to access the other half of your game that they didn't even make just to be playing p2p? Is subs for mp worth it if most games are P2P or have their own dedicated servers?

Funny how people are complaining over res and so-called parity that's been happening for the longest but are not complaining about the biggest f#ck over. Gotta love it.

Crazy thing is a lot of publishers own their own servers and has been offering the free for the longest so why do we have to pay for mp when Sony and ms hardly do anything? For the store that the sell stuff and make money off of you?

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Lawboy21534d ago

Pls microsoft pls....we need azure......cod aw is a lag fest literally...I'm sick and tired of seeing replays where I haven't even shot at the person

freshslicepizza1534d ago

why wouldn't they partner together? seems weird not to.

Utalkin2me1534d ago

Just need dedicated servers, don't have to be azure.

MasterCornholio1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Let me fix your comment.

"Pls Activision pls....we need dedicated servers"

1. Its not Microsoft's fault that this happened. The blame lies solely on Activision.

2. Its a myth that Azure is the only dedicated server system that works well. If Activision had a good dedicated server system in general there would be no need for Azure for this game.

kenna9991534d ago

Bit embarrassing really when I never lag in 64 player matchs on bf4

Fishy Fingers1534d ago

Lets be honest, BF games of late have had their fair share of problems at launch. I'm sure it'll get ironed out.

Jubez1871533d ago

Those are dedicated servers that people pay for.

Xb1ps41534d ago

Hold up..... with tbis being such a huge franchise and raking in all the money it does they still dont have dedicated server? Even with what ms can provide with live!

Has anyone ever asked why activision doesnt support dedicated servers in a interview? Its kind of ridiculous already...

Baka-akaB1534d ago

Because people wont like their honest answer , should they dare give it (wich they wont) ?

When were they ever punished for something that plague every CoD after mw1 ?

n4rc1534d ago

Because they all know how it goes..

Ask about lag comp and the interview is over.. They have dodged this issue for 4 years.. Its not about people not asking the question.

Wikkid6661534d ago

It needs servers for sure! One thing that Titanfall got right was the use of servers. Never had lag once in that game. It's amazing how enjoyable a game can be without lag.

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