FFXIV: free login weekend begins tomorrow

Square Enix is launching another free login campaign for Final Fantasy XIV. The free login weekend begins tomorrow and anyone with an inactive Final Fantasy XIV subscription is eligible to take advantage of it.

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TM3331538d ago

I wouldn't mind logging back in. It's been awhile for me. Was fun while I played, but I just don't like subscriptions:(

Lord_Sloth1538d ago

I wouldn't mind more payment options like maybe an annual subscription but monthly just adds up and I don't think that's worth it.

I loved the beta, but not enough to drop $120 a year.

il-JumperMT1538d ago

Since launch, with that subscription you got 5 new Raids, new dungeons, new trails, new quests and dailies.


Pay to win is bad. Period

Lord_Sloth1538d ago

P2W is not the only other alternative and you know it. Just look at Warframe. Constant updates, patches, new content added in with no charge required and absolutely no items exclusively behind a paywall. Hell even the game itself is free!

P2W is just an excuse MMO P2Pers use to justify the fact that a company makes more than enough in a single month of funding to keep their servers and content going for over a year. There's over 1,000,000 people on XIV and each of them is paying a minimum of $10 per month with many paying $15. That's about $10,000,000 per month which is $120,000,000 per year which is WAY MORE than needed to last the game for it's lifespan.

If you don't mind paying then that's fine and I'm glad you're enjoying the game but don't go about listing the only other alternative as P2W when that isn't the case at all, especially when it could be as simple as just offering more than 2 different monthly fees.

il-JumperMT1538d ago

Funny how you come up with Warframe. Let me pay to unlock Warframes and weapons I want.

Lord_Sloth1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Or just, ya know, quest for the parts to build them. I haven't spent a dime on Warframe nor did I need to. Prime frames and weapons are obtainable, as are prime weapons and everything else if you actually play the game. Funny how you either never played it or didn't play much of it.

Sorry they don't just hand you everything at the beginning.

il-JumperMT1537d ago

Sorry no matter if you can get the items in game, if I can pay for shortcut its pay to win.

Lord_Sloth1535d ago

Only if you actually DO. Pay to Win refers to games that have the best items locked behind a paywall. I don't care how you try to twist it to suit your argument, Warframe isn't P2W because you do not have to pay anything and can still get all the best gear. Deal with it.

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