BioWare says Dragon Age: Inquisition's new focus on exploration is mind blowing

BioWare has already made it very clear that exploration will play a much bigger role in Dragon Age: Inquisition than it has in past installments of the series. After recently having the opportunity to speak with BioWare's Cameron Lee in an Examiner exclusive, the Dragon Age producer shared with Examiner that the new focus on exploration will likely be one of the bigger changes that fans will notice.

Lee admitted that fans have always enjoyed BioWare games for different reasons. Some play for the story while others prefer the combat. However, Lee predicts that everyone will enjoy exploring Inquisition’s massive new map regardless of what else they may like about the game.

It was important for the developer to add an exploration–rich open world to Dragon Age: Inquisition. According to Lee, the genre’s shift towards exploration has become on the biggest ways that RPGs have evolved in recent years.

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qwerty6761536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

i feel like this game isnt generating much hype or interest at all

being overshadowed with things like MCC, Farcry 4 and ACU and the GTA remaster.

DarkOcelet1535d ago

Its funny its my most hyped game this month , actually i dont think i will be playing any of those fps games or those annual releases this month , i really grew tired of them . We need more new ip's like Shadow of Mordor , Sunset Overdrive , The Evil Within and Alien Isolation because there is not enough .

Omnisonne1535d ago

I feel the same way, Dragon Age is probably going to keep me busy for a long while:D after that i might look into GTA5

starchild1535d ago

I think having a mix of new IPs and great games in established franchises is the best scenario.

Bigpappy1535d ago

This guy is playing the right music. I like what I am hearing. Exploration and choices. Add an economy where I can sell my loot, and I would be in RPG heaven.

Knightshade1535d ago

Been working on my review for about a week and a half now. He's underselling it. Exploration in this game is absolutely huge. This GAME is absolutely massive, and I think it's going to surprise a lot of people.

Maxor1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Yup. After the let downs of Second Son, Sleeping Dogs and the epic fail that is Destiny. We could be looking at a legitimate next generation game. Bioware is making up for DA2 in a big way.

anticlimax1535d ago

As long as it's still a Bioware-directed narrative. Too often the openworld-aspect feels more important than the storyline in openworldgames. I want to get sucked into a story more than I want to visit a world (so be Bioware, not Bethesda).

Dalrien1535d ago

Mind blowing? probably not.

mogwaii1535d ago

Graphically this looks very underwhelming and until they commit to making a truly next gen game it will continue to, its time to let go, by the end of next year hopefully they are put to rest.