Ivory Tower Release The Crew Patch Notes

Ivory Tower, developers of The Crew have just released their latest patch notes that highlight the biggest changes that have been made to the game since the last beta.

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opoikl1532d ago

I've got 3 spare codes for The Crew PS4 beta. If anyone's interested, just PM me.

theXtReMe11531d ago

Thanks for the code! Cant wait to play the new beta and see what has changed for the better.

creeping judas1531d ago

I've played the beta for a bit. I like the fact it's a racing game with a story line. It took a bit getting used to the arcade controls, but I was happy to find it was nothing like in WatchDogs. But I hate to say it, the graphics look really bad!!! I hope in the final version they beef them up a bit.

XtraTrstrL1531d ago

I played a lil bit earlier, just did the first mission and started on the 2nd thing. I have to agree on the graphics being not good. Ubisoft up to their crap again. I love how they mention anti-aliasing improvements, if that's the patch that was downloading along with the beta then I gotta say that it's still horrible. It's like they aren't using AA at all. The dude who's face pops up to talk to you about missions looks like a PS2 era character model. The game does not look pretty at all, let alone up to current-gen standards. Ubisoft needs to stick to 2D games using their UbiArt framework. They aren't faring too well this gen on the 3D side.

Varmint1531d ago

Having only previously played the PC beta, this PS4 version feels less polished. I have missions freezing on me and black screens during gameplay (only HUD visible). The engine sounds feel like they've been lowered substantially in volume; they need a separate slider to general sound effects (a plane flying miles overhead shouldn't completely drown out a roaring V8 when you're sitting IN THE CAR). Also, sequential manual transmission on the Dualshock 4 is REALLY hard to get used to after using my G27's stick and clutch.

That said, I do like the tweaks they've made to the handling (feels a little harder on Hardcore handling but also more rewarding when you get it right). Also, as far as the graphics quality being rather low, you also have to take the draw distance into account. Perhaps it's not the prettiest game up close, but I've found the gameplay more than makes up for it.

TeamVVV1531d ago

Ah That's interesting Varmint, thanks for the feedback.

windblowsagain1531d ago

I have the beta.

Graphics are a mixed bag. I think the reason for that is not just size of the world, but the fact they wanted you to be able to zoom in and out without lag anywhere in the game world.

Sound isn't good enough imo, it has no soul or bass to it.

Drive model is pure arcade, what I do like is the cockpit cam.

There is much to do and many places to do it. So for gameplay people will like some aspects of it.