Activision's gamble with change

MWEB GameZone writes: "On the one hand gamers lobby for change, on the other hand they complain when a company dares to change their favourite game.

We take a look at how Activision is willing to gamble with change and risk in order to deliver gaming experiences that make them one of the leaders in the video game industry."

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plut0nash1531d ago

Was it a real change? I mean subtle things shifted, and it worked - but is that significant? I get that you can't change a formula too much with a big fanbase.

HanCilliers1531d ago

I think Destiny brings something very unique to the table. Advanced Warfare is very different from previous CoD games. They also tried something new with Ghosts - which didn't really pay off. Hearthstone is also something new.

LightofDarkness1531d ago

Unique? Destiny is basically Borderlands, sans content. The only big difference is the MMO style hub location and the competitive MP, which are minor additions truth be told.

SonZeRo1531d ago

Change is good, but cahnge for the sake of change can sometimes be rather misguided.

CongoKyle1531d ago

Couldn't agree more. I can just picture them sitting around a board room table spitting ideas at eachother.

Sillicur1531d ago

Well said, it should change for the better not just because it wants to "Change"

lord zaid1531d ago

In video games, as in life, you can't satisfy everyone. Unless that game is Mario Kart, in which case everyone is happy... Unless you get hit by a blue shell...

Angeljuice1531d ago

Sorry but I've never enjoyed playing any Mario title (maybe I'm the exception that proves the rule).

The_KELRaTH1531d ago

How about BREAKOUT then? :)

Sillicur1531d ago

I really enjoyed the old mario games, before all the fancy 3d gfx and racing stuff...just pure old mario for me!

The_KELRaTH1531d ago

I thought the way Bungie blended elements that in general are from different genres was a gamble.

Of course I wonder if they realised the biggest arguments on the forums would seem to be what genre it must fit into and if so then it's bad for not fitting into the other lol

Sillicur1531d ago

I still maintain Destiny is a MMORPG, even though Bungie kinda disagrees with that.