Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Xbox One Now Available For A Reduced Price On Target Australia

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the latest entry of the series released this week in all regions on consoles and PC, is now available for a reduced price in Australia.

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cl19831539d ago

If you go and look at the site the PS4 version is also the same price.

qwerty6761539d ago


well this writer failed to do his research.

shivvy241539d ago

Big w and target both have the ps4/x1 at $64 until the 12th, Jbhifi has it both at $69.

Knowing eb games they probably have it at $99

DivineAssault 1539d ago

Im sure it will be reduced even more on black friday.. But im ashamed to say that i already bought into the hype & got the game because of the reviews i read... Its good but its still COD.. I would like to get a current gen only build of the game using a new engine

Locknuts1539d ago

Meh, Dick Smith had it for $59.98 if pre ordered. I know that doesn't help anyone now though so I'll just shut my mouth.