Screenshots show G.R.A.W. 2 dynamic day/night

After the success of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Ubisoft is currently working on a second version for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and PSP. One of the new features is a dynamic day/night scene. Today the first real screenshots (no scans)

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MicroGamer4369d ago

that when you link to a non English news story that you make mention of the fact somewhere in your story description???

Organization XII4369d ago

If you don't friggin know how to read or understand other than English languages just get the hell outta here or just translate the F***en page using Google..
Damn these Americans are so stupid just like their president Bush..PATHETIC

MicroGamer4369d ago

Why you so hostile?? I'm not asking that links to non-English sites not be posted, just that someone gives the courtesy of a warning so people who don't speak other languages won't waste time clicking on the links.

power of Green 4368d ago

It's because he's an Anti American Nut case, he needs Mental Attention also one with such severe illness shouldn't be playing Vids.

devv054368d ago

The English translation button works fine, so it's readable. Besides, it's about the screenshots. Remember some people have to read and write foreign languages all day (English for example, it's not everyone's primary language you know?), you don't hear them complaining

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PS360PCROCKS4369d ago

Their is an English translation button Micro gamer. I once said the same thing, just look for it, it's at the top of the story. Also to "organization" not only was what you said off base and extremely uncalled for, your lack of intelligence astounds me. I don't know who you think you are and why you think your better than americans. But I can assure you by reading your past comments, that this American is far more intelligent than you'll ever be.

Organization XII4368d ago

Hey xbox360rocks who the hell told you that I think myself better or hate Americans??
I'm no friggin Anti-SHlT, its just like that the American people drive me crazy that they think themselves living in their own world, come on guys there are alot more stuff in the world other than only American thing..You don't live in this world alone,there are also other countries,civilizations and languages in the world and they don't think themselves the only existence on earth like most Americans do.
So you guys should know that there are many members on this site that they are not Americans or their English is the main language,there are dutch,French Japanese and others but they don't complain or something about English because they know that there is something called English..


JPomper4368d ago

I love it. You throw around the term "most Americans" like you actually believe that "most Americans" are inbred hicks incapable of perceiving a world outside their own.

Grow up.

As for the screenshots, 'cause that's what this thread is ABOUT, you know... while I'm always for advancement in features and gameplay, it almost looks like a crappy old night filter that they used to use on movies back in the day. The shadows are still the same, it's just that everything is darker.

PS360PCROCKS4368d ago

oh organization excuse me I must have taken this comment out of context:

"Damn these Americans are so stupid just like their president Bush..PATHETIC"

Excuse me for misunderstanding your obvious blatant point in this post, and that is to bash Americans. Just like someone else said excuse you tho but were not in bred hicks incapable of knowing a world outside or own, if you haven't noticed tho everything on this site is in English so he had a point to say something, yeah he was wrong with how he said it but if this site is always in English it's best to stay that way. Also, in America we know English and most everyone's second language is Spanish, not German. Because you see their I studied German because my mom is German, but what use is their for an American to know German, when the country is on another continent and they probably will never go their?

EaziG4365d ago

Those screens were really poor.
they day to night one. - so what. I could make the same screenshots by just turning the contrast button down a bit each time.

this is supposed to be next-gen stuff?

show me something better, developers. because these kind of crap pictures don't interest me.