Digicodes Joins the Digital Distribution Ranks

MWEB GameZone writes: "The age of digital downloads is upon us. Since the days of Steam, and Origin (shudders), gamers have been able to buy digital codes for their games. Downloading games spare us the trouble of waiting for games to arrive in hard copy, as well as heading out to the closest shop in the hopes they haven't sold out."

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DesVader1537d ago

Digital distribution is the way of the future.

HanCilliers1537d ago

I wonder if purchasing hard copies will become obsolete? Except of course for collector's editions and such

Sillicur1537d ago

I think there is still something to owning a hardcopy of a game you really love. Like StarCraft: Broodwar for example, I still have it right next to my pc case on a stand after all these years, even though i have not played it in 5 years...

SonZeRo1537d ago

I'll stick to physical copies where i can.

lord zaid1537d ago

I love the convenience of digital, but the conspiracy nut in me fears it gives publishers too much control over my stuff

Sillicur1537d ago

the tinfoil hat is strong with this one. I dont think it gives publishers more control, what gives them more control is always online type DRMs

CongoKyle1537d ago

I think the biggest problem for us is bandwidth. I think the 40gb DL on a game is a bit too much for our potato internet. Otherwise I like to add my to my collection of hard copies on my bookshelf

Sillicur1537d ago

Definately yes, i still have a 2mb connection which means 40gb will take ages to download :(