Halo: TMCC Day One Patch 15GB Live, Pre-Load Glitch Wipes Full 60GB Data & Reinstall Issue Reported

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Day One patch (20GB) is now available for download but according to reports, nasty Pre-load Glitch appears again.

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TripC501538d ago

Man I hope this doesn't happen. Every atom in my heart would break and explode. The body count would be impossible.

XBLSkull1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Yeah it would be a bummer but honestly I wouldn't care that much, worst case scenario is I am playing MCC less than a week from right now lol, nothing can hold this juggernaught down. See you boys on the battlefields of all 5 games.


Yes. I suppose I could count H:CE, H:CE A, H2, H2 A, H3, H4, H5 Beta, for 7 if you wanted to go to that extreme. Oh yeah and throw in a free premium miniseries to boot lol.

DARK_FOX1538d ago

Wait there are 5 games in the Halo MCC?..... or are you counting the beta for the 5th?

DARK_FOX1538d ago

Ah ok I didn't know it had all of those wow I can't wait! I wonder why they didn't put Halo Reach in?

Jdoki1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

@Dark Fox.

Regarding Reach...

There was an interview with a dev where this was addressed.

I can't find the link now, but it was basically (iirc) that they only wanted to release the main storyline with Master Chief - not the side story / prequel that Reach told, or the spins off like Halo Wars.

EDIT: It is a bit of a shame, as I never played Reach, but heard it was pretty good.

akurtz1538d ago

Well lets hope these are isolated incidents, which they most likely are.

jrshankill1538d ago

But if the patch is already downloaded before the install, how can it wipe the data?

Wasn't the issue with COD that the patch wiped out the already installed files?

I'm probably totally wrong here...

Orbilator1538d ago

damn man that's sick, it took me 2 days to download AW and that was 42gb, lets hope the catch this problem in the fall update.

on a side note, WTF a 15 - 20gb day 1 path !!!! are they serious? how bad was the original code ffs ?

Askanison41538d ago

The reasoning for the patch is apparently that they'd filled up the disc and wanted the rest to be a download rather than a second disc. It's mostly MP stuff from what I've read.

traumadisaster1538d ago

So if you don't have Internet then the game is not finished and can't be played? I don't have Internet at the remote lake house abd it better work. I'm not driving to McDonald's and plug it in there with a tv and wait all day whilst it downloads 20gb.

Askanison41538d ago


From what I understand, it's mostly online portions of the game in the patch. I.E. stuff you'd need a connection to use anyway so it won't be detrimental to it if you don't.

1538d ago
Jdoki1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Good grief these Day 1 patches are ridiculous. Especially this one, as it seems to boil down to money saving so that they avoided the need to press a second disc.

Welcome to the next-gen indeed!

aconnellan1538d ago

Day One patches are indeed getting ridiculous, but in regards to this one I completely understand.

As it is, they're fitting 4 full games all on one disc, 2 of which (Halo 1 and Halo 2 Anniversary) are running 2 in-game engines simultaneously. I can take a download hit to keep all that on one disc.

Will be very inconvenient to some, but I understand why they're doing it.

rdgneoz31538d ago

"I can take a download hit to keep all that on one disc."

Though 15 GB on another disc would take a few more minutes to install vs several hours for some to download.

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