My First Time Playing Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker

Nintendo247 Author writes: The fourth title in our series is Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker for the Wii U. Unlike most titles based on Mario characters, this is not a traditional platformer, but more of an action adventure experience revolving around, you guessed it, collecting treasures. After starting up the demo at my local Best Buy, I knew I was in for a treat. Everything about it just oozes charm (in a good way of course), and shows that even the little guy can have his time in the spotlight, even if it is attached to his head.

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megamanX21536d ago

what a waste of resources instead of making a new game they remake this crap.

3-4-51536d ago

What, this is a highl quality game that is different than what most other games out right now.

* It's a new IP, with a familiar character but with a new game type and game play mechanics.

* It's a new game for the Wii U, and it will be a highly rated one at that...IMO.

Wii U needs games.....this is a game = good.

ChickeyCantor1535d ago

" they remake this crap."


............................. .

N4g_null1533d ago

This game reminds me of mario galaxies. In
The later levels it gets pretty impressive.