PlayStation 4 is the Fastest Selling Console in Australia

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia announced today that PlayStation 4 is the fastest selling console of all time in Australia, according to NPD Group Australia sales figures ending October 26.

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qwerty6761536d ago

with the recent launch of microsofts azure servers in australia i expect this country start to shift in xbox favor.

might be a couple weeks but i heard the ping there is horrible right now for both consoles.

also combined with the recent bundles announced and mcc shipping i think its very possible for xbox one overtake playstation in this territory.

BitbyDeath1535d ago

We are waiting for the NBN to hit which'll give us speeds of 100mbps.

Til then we are stuck with ADSL2. :(

Locknuts1535d ago

I used to have Optus cable that could go up to 100mbps. Most servers never allowed those sorts of speeds though.

Eonjay1535d ago

A simple congrats would have done lol :)

VsAssassin1535d ago

Curious argument. I was hoping to read such comments in favor of the Xbox One like, "With SSO and MCC coming out, sales will be healthy for the XBoxOne soon, and might steal the thunder from Sony."

I never knew that servers sway most Australians into preferring a console to another.

Jaqen_Hghar1535d ago

Yeah that's kind of an insult to Australians lol.

"crykey put the fish on the barbie I gotta Azure server now I gotta get me a Xbox 1! Bugga off Sony with ya bloody wanka losa servers!"

Jason_Plays_PC1535d ago

@Quicktim3 They have bad ping because alot of the country has below average internet still.

HeWhoWalks1535d ago

Um, I highly doubt that will help swing anything in any other console's favor ion that region. Australia is very, VERY prone to preferring PlayStation, especially after the PS2. Market research would do you some favors.

OT: Not surprising. It's the console that continues to break records! As the say goes: "put another log on the fire".

generic-user-name1535d ago

It's "put another shrimp on the barbie"

Bathyj1535d ago

No one here calls it shrimp.

BitbyDeath1535d ago

Put another steak on the barbie

destructo8881535d ago

I picked up a PS4 on launch day, I'm in Perth, Australia. It's awesome!

I've got 100 megabit fibre and have never experienced any form of lag. Playstation has always just been a stronger brand here. We're the same as Europe I guess.

shaenoide1535d ago

because you think consumers care about Azure servers? Most of them don't know what Azure is.

uth111535d ago

Azure isn't just Xbox. Xbox is probably not even MS's motivation for expanding Azure there.

MasterCornholio1535d ago

Well that's new.

I never heard anyone claim that Azure would be a system selling feature. I doubt the majority of people even know what that is.

Mechanism1535d ago

To be honest, MS fans predictions are turning out to be worse than Pachters this generation.. Lucky none of you are business analysts.

I would take all these comments with a massive pinch of crack.

Magicite1535d ago

I think its clear, that PS4 will be dominant over X1 in every country this gen.

boing11535d ago

Not a chance. MS will never get out of hole they dig up for themselves. Didn't happen this year, won't happen next year. I'm really curious how decembmer numbers will look. If XOne loses upcoming christmas in US, there is no chance in hell for MS to ever catch up to Sony. And trust me, type of servers have zero meaning to normal people.

TheWatercooler1535d ago

PS4 is dominating Australia too? Didn't the xbone launch there first? It really shows the quality of the PS4 to pull that off.

Same will probably happen with China

medman1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

The delusional never really do fully wake up, do they? The xbone is finished globally, though certainly this holiday season sales will pick up in North America with the plethora of promotions and bundles they are offering...but considering Microsoft has no year long plus head start on the competition this time around, and can't sell multiple consoles to the same gamers as they did with the horrendous red ring's over as far as catching or surpassing the ps4. It isn't going to happen. The customer base isn't there for them, it was always over-inflated due to the red ring issue. And without that artificial crutch to prop console sales up, Microsoft will struggle, at least comparatively to Sony. And most of Sony's phenomenal first party studios haven't even produced their heavy hitting exclusives yet, which is what gamers really care about, not server farms. Put the cloud crack pipe down, and say hello to reality.

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kalimero21535d ago

it is fastest selling home console worldwide. ending 30th september

PS4 13.5 million shipped
wii 13.17 million shipped

JimmyDM901535d ago

PS4 managing to stay ahead of Wii for that long is incredibly impressive when you consider things like ps4's higher price tag and its lack of console moving games like wii had with twilight princess and wii sports.

Eonjay1535d ago

Interestingly, when you look at what caught the mass market's attention (and specifically casuals) Wii Sports and Wii Fit were the real killer apps.

Jaqen_Hghar1535d ago

When you factor in how much longer Sony console legs are compared to Nintendo it's truly scary how much PS4 could sell

kalimero21535d ago

in australia in first 50 weeks wii sold 200k so PS4 is selling better than that

urwifeminder1535d ago

The bogan rig of choice lol.

Bathyj1535d ago

I thought you liked Xbone...

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