Will Halo and a $50 price drop this holiday season cause a turning point for Xbox One?

In the U.S., Microsoft's Xbox One has been outsold by Sony's PlayStation 4 since the beginning of 2014. When comparing to the previous generation of the console race, an interesting turn of events occurred as the U.S. was Xbox 360's territory and with the current crop of consoles things are slowly changing, but...

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qwerty6761536d ago


it will sell a lot of consoles for November thats for sure, but probably dwindle back down by the start of next year.

where as the ps4 will remain steady through the holidays and start picking it up next year.

Jason_Plays_PC1536d ago

I would say its pretty obvious it will jump somewhat but depends if people also want one mid december instead for christmas or an even better deal.

memots1536d ago

i thought that Sunset overdrive did that ?


XBLSkull1536d ago

Don't know if you need to reach a turning point when you are already the definitive "next-gen" console. Features galore, significant monthly upgrades and the best franchises already cement this console as one of the best ever released. Sales might not say it when you compare them but they don't need to, many amazing products aren't the best sellers and that is the case here. I own both consoles but I already know I'll accumulate more hours in MCC than I will with my PS4 and all its exclusives combined. Kinda funny cause its not even true new games. But that is just a testament to how great the Halo franchise is. It would be silly if MCC doesn't take every GotY award available this year, you will find no better game/value/experience anywhere in 2014, and that isn't opinion, it is a fact.

donthate1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I think the tide started to turn already, and MS been making massive headroom in catching up to Sony.

I think MS will have a very good Holiday.

Question is will MS be able to continue the momentum into next year even without a price cut?

Army_of_Darkness1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

The $50 price drop will definitely help sell the xbone and as for halo mcc, I would doubt that it will help sell cause I would assume that any halo fan would have an xbone by now...

@donthate you mean Sony has the "massive" head room... About 5 million square feet ;-)

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AngelicIceDiamond1536d ago

Maybe the turning point for the holiday and holiday only.

But I can see a scenario where X1 and PS4 are selling roughly even after the holidays, with PS4 still leading by a little more.

If MS was smart they would keep that price at 350 afterwards. But they probably won't because they wanna make money.

All I gotta say is if MS doesn't topple the Sny this holiday then nothing will stop PS4 from outselling the X1 month after month year after year.

The generation sales wise will belong to in Sony's favor. And that would be too bad for MS.

Letthewookiewin1536d ago

I do hope MS sells some more consoles and the price drop works out for them. But its going to take so much more to catch up to Sony. The PS4 would literally have to stop selling for a year, its been gaining a wider lead for 11 months straight. People are delusional if they think MS will surpass Sony. Good luck MS.

shloobmm31536d ago

I would say it already has picked up quite a bit. I know its only a small aample size but it had been outselling 3 to 1 on Amazon according to its best seller list over the past 2 weeks. With the Unity, Sunset and Advance Warfare bundles being a head of the Ps4. Only time will tell if this trend will continue now that 2 of those bundles have shipped and are out of stock thw Sunset and AW bundles have fallen down the list.

SkippyPaccino1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I believe this is a regular price cut and Microsoft is trying to save face saying that it's temporary. They don't want the perception that they are desperate with two price cuts in a year. I don't see the price going back up after "the sale"

There's two possible outcomes and they both lead to them keeping the 350$ price tag.

1:If they get outsold by the ps4 they won't have a reason to bring up the price since nobody will start buying it at a more expensive price, if they didn't buy it at the sale price.

2:If they outsold the PS4 they will keep it at that price to ensure the momentum keeps going. They might unbundle the games that come with them but that's about it.

Putting a expiration date on a sale is a good scare tactic on making a consumer buy your product sooner rather than later.

Anyways it great news for gamers.

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jguzmanr811536d ago

I think Halo release will for sure entice many Halo players who haven't upgraded yet to do so, especially with the new price tag.

I'm a big NHL player and when they released NHL 15 for Xbox One all (every single one) of my friends on Xbox 360 also bought the One for this game as the yare hardcore NHL players and couldn't resist (this is without the price drop at the time too!). I would imagine the same will happen with Halo fans who are even more passionate about their game.

SkippyPaccino1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Right now, when you buy a Sony Xperia Z3 on Rogers, you get NHL center ice for a year and a PS4 copy of NHL 15. That's a pretty sweet deal (if I didn't already have the game)

MrOlympia741536d ago

Halo will be a huge deal, I Know a lot of people just waiting for halo before they jump in. Don't underestimate the power of this franchise as it has millions of faithful followers, the same ones who carried the original Xbox and the 360 to success.

calis1536d ago

"the same ones who carried the original Xbox and the 360 to success."

last place?

Gaming247allday1536d ago

Halo did more for Xbox than any Sony game did for PS3 though, Xbox 360 is Confirmed to have moved 84 Million Units, how many has PS3 sold?

or did Sony not release the latest PS3 numbers yet because it probably sold less than 84 Million?

"Xbox 360 Sales Rise to 84 million"

SilentNegotiator1536d ago

Ps3 has consistently outsold xbox 360 after ps3 pulled ahead in total sales. I can't believe fanboys are still trying to deny that the 360 fell to last place (and even with a year head start).

TedCruzsTaint1536d ago


No, it really didn't.
You can argue that they more or less tied, but stop trying to make it that Sony won . . . they didn't.

poor_cus_of_games1536d ago

Don't forget gran turismo outsold halo. People seem to forget that.

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aviator1891536d ago

it's really hard to say.
it'll definitely help and help xbox one reach a higher weekly baseline, but it's hard to predict if it will outsell the ps4.
wait and see, I guess.

BitbyDeath1536d ago

Hard to say even for November, we all saw how Destiny did on both platforms in September and November has GTA releasing.

It could go either way.

OpieWinston1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Considering AC: Unity, CoD AW and Sunset Overdrive bundles are selling like hotcakes and GTA isn't launching at the beginning of the month.

$50 Dollars off
Microsoft Store $100 trade in deal
You can get a kinectless system with 2 games for $250 if you wanted to.

AC: Unity is hot... Sunset Overdrive is also hot.
Halo MCC is Supernova(Current Amazon best seller video game rank #55).
CoD AW is pretty hot... The X1 version is like #91 on Amazon best seller video games for the year.

GTA V is pretty dam hot but it's not positioned well enough to sell systems alone. Especially during the biggest season of the year.

If you're going to blow your load... blow it at a time when people are lining up to buy gifts and throwing money at the wall.

SilentNegotiator1536d ago

"$50 Dollars off
Microsoft Store $100 trade in deal
You can get a kinectless system with 2 games for $250 if you wanted to"

If you give them your console for less than you could get on ebay, you mean?

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