WQ 26: What’s The Best First Person Shooter?

8BitChimp says, "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare launched this week, so this time, we’re taking a look at some of our favorite first person shooters of all time! I asked the staff, “What’s the best first person shooter you’ve ever played?"

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ape0071538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

lots and lots, there is no way i can t decide, impossible but i'll try listing FPS shooters into two groups, the top dogs in FPS imo are

Goldeneye, Perfect Dark,Doom series, Quake 1 and 2, Duke nukem, Half Life series, Halo series(1 to 3), bioshock 1 and infinite, system shock (didn't play it but i know it's legendary) CoD4/MW2, Turok 1 and 2

then there is the second best FPS list of games, games like Time Splitter series, Titanfall, The world is not enough (N64 version), Killzone 2, Battlefield bad company 2, BF3, black ops series, Turok 3, Resistance series (especially 1 and 3),

XBLSkull1538d ago

It is Halo. It continually tends to hold up against the test of time. I love Goldeneye/Half-Life, and all the other ones but Goldeneye chugs along at such a slow frame rate, Half-Life is now just boring... don't get me wrong those games were fantastic at the time and I'll always love them but Halo is the game that is still every bit as good today as it was 13 years ago. No other FPS does that.

mikeslemonade1538d ago

C0D4 is the best overall when you factor in sales, metascore, and what it brought to the shooter genre.

hudsoniscool1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Cough cough halo. Can't even think of anything that compares. Cod 4 comes close.

OpieWinston1538d ago

As far as competitive shooters go? It comes down to Counter Strike / Halo / Quake.

The FPS market is over saturated and the competitive part of it is pretty dead.

Counter Strike Source and GO were nothing compared to the original back in the day.
Quake was another ID pride game. Still one of the best ways to test who's the fastest in an FPS among friends.

But currently Halo is the best FPS for all your needs.
Strong story/lore behind it
Amazing campaign experience
Strong co-operative experience... Spartan Ops/4 Player Co-op Campaign/Firefight
Strong Competitive experience... Halo 2 Arena style (H5 will be having a similar treatment)
Narrative outside of the games... Books/Live action series/Animated series/Etc...

Halo will always be king when it comes to FPS, especially since CoD has died...
Dice has taken over Battlefront. (Not the best team for it)
Rares best devs are scattered, and only Kenn Lobb is committed to bringing their best games back.
ID after the Bethesda acquisition is currently on low key mode.

Intentions1538d ago

Too many to name. There just can't be one.

Majin-vegeta1538d ago

For me in no order.
5.Perfect Dark
6.Turok 3
8.Killzone 2
9.Socom 2

joab7771538d ago

My 2 are Bioshock and Killzone 2.

Torque_CS_Lewith1538d ago

Single player goes to Halo 4. I have never found myself caring about the characters and story in an fps quite like I did playing through Halo 4.

Multiplayer goes to BFBC 2. Dice managed to bottle lightning with the MP of BC2; a feat they have yet to repeat.

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